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Picnic> Limited Hand Embellished Print by MAD

Artist: Mad
Dimensions: 27.56in x 19.67in

Price: $400.00

Purchase Picnic Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Hand-Painted Stencil on Prolux 300gsm Base Paper by MAD graffiti street artist modern pop art.

He has presented his unique works on walls and art galleries of numerous countries around the world including Iran, US, Netherlands, UK, Norway, and Turkey.

Color Protest
Color Green
Edition 40
Frame Not Framed
Location 2436-1
Media Spray Paint
Media Stencil
Media Hand Embellishment
Media Acrylic
Medium Prolux 300gsm Base Paper
Signed Yes
Topic Man
Topic Woman
Topic Riot
Topic Bomb
Year 2020
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