Statue of Liberty II> Limited Hand Embellished Print by Bobby Hill

Artwork: Bobby Hill
Size: 18.00in x 24.00in

Price: $400.00

Purchase Statue of Liberty II Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Mixed Media Screen Print on 200lbs Heavyweight Paper by Bobby Hill graffiti street artist modern pop art.

Each piece is unique and colors, painting, spray paintings made by hand by the artist are random, vary, and you may not receive the exact pictured item!

Bobby Hill (b. 1973), is a New York-based visual artist whose career started as an illustrator. He began painting on canvas in 2008 after returning to the US from his first trip overseas,. His recent canvases combine ripped NYC billboard posters with elements of abstract expressionism, pop imagery, and graffiti... to create what he calls “The Bhillboards Collection.”

Color Rainbow
Color Black
Edition 9
Frame Not Framed
Media 2-Color Silkscreen
Media Hand Embellishment
Media Spray Paint
Media Mixed-Media
Medium 200lbs Heavyweight Paper
Topic Spray Paint
Topic Landmark
Topic Statue of Liberty
Year 2020