The Mash- Embellished> Limited Hand Embellished Print by Cope2

Artist: Cope2
Dimensions: 16.00in x 24.00in

Price: $700.00

Purchase The Mash- Embellished Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Archival Pigment Prints and Arcylic on 310gsm Fine Art Paper by Cope2 graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"This piece was made towards the end of 2014. I was in my studio, listening to music and The Monster Mash came on. It was funny because I just started painting to the song and that's kinda how it went.This piece is more of what I'm doing today. It's kind of mashed up with all kinds of paint and different designs. It's got a lot of fo elements of what I do.It all kinda goes right. It's simple and to the point. Simplicity." - Cope2

The beginning of the new millennium found Cope2 in a different place in his career, as he started focusing more and more on ways to establish himself in the art scene of galleries and museums. Even though the artist had started working on canvas much earlier than the 2000s, it was then that he made this dynamic twist and agreed to exhibit indoors systematically. Whether you see graffiti as an expressive and lively form of art or as a form of irresponsible vandalism, one thing is certain; in recent years it has captured the attention of the general population to the world’s biggest galleries.

Color Yellow
Color Blue
Color Rainbow
Edition 15
Frame Not Framed
Location HLW
Media Archival Pigment Print
Media Hand Embellishment
Media Arcylic
Medium 310gsm Fine Art Paper
Signed Yes
Year 2016
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