Iron Man 3- Box Office> Limited Edition Print by Bask

Artist: Bask
Categories: Prints
Dimensions: 12.00in x 24.00in

Price: $275.00

Purchase Iron Man 3- Box Office Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper by Bask street artist modern pop art.

"Last June, a friend called me saying that Robert Downey Jr. and the production team wanted to use one of my paintings, When It Rains It Pours, in the next Iron Man film. So I created it to their size specification of 5ft wide and 13ft tall and the piece was put into Iron Man Tony Starks' home in the film. Then they asked me if I’d be interested in doing more work for the Mandarin’s lair a few months later when they were shooting in Miami. I of course said yes, and ended up doing 13 more massive paintings and some set design for them along with the Iron Man mask you see here. They asked me to create a design for the wrap of the film last year. They made shirts and postcards for the set department with that image. So while this doesn't appear in the film it was definitely a big part of the project." - BASK

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Color Yellow
Color Red
Edition 315
Frame Not Framed
Location 1824-9
Media Archival Pigment Print
Medium 330gsm Fine Art Paper
Signed Yes
Year 2016
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