Le Tigre> Limited Edition Print by Chris Saunders

Artist: Chris Saunders
Categories: Prints , Artwork
Dimensions: 24.00in x 24.00in
Topics: Animal , Tiger , Mandala , Tribal

Price: $900.00

Purchase Le Tigre Limited Edition 8-Color Hand-Pulled Silkscreen Print on 250gsm Stonehenge Fine Art Paper by Chris Saunders graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"This piece is an evolution of a piece I did a few years ago that originated as a sketch. I was experiencing a massive shift in my life at the time. I was feeling a pull away from my career as a commercial artist to focus on my own art and I had a lot of fear coming up for me. Usually, when I experience these shifts I do my best to get out of my head and trust my inner guidance. That inner guidance tends to mold those experiences into the form of different animal forms that guide me through that transition. To me, the tiger represents primal instinct and being able to let go and trust yourself and fully trust your intuition. This piece looks about 100 times more amazing when you see it in person, the pics don't really highlight the layers and textural quality of all the inks used." - Chris Saunders

Color Gray
Color Blue
Edition 100
Frame Not Framed
Location 2436-1
Media 8-Color Silkscreen
Medium 250gsm Stonehenge Fine Art Paper
Signed Yes
Year 2016
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