Live. Work. Consume. Die. 49> Limited Hand Embellished Print by Denial

Artist: Denial
Dimensions: 12.00in x 12.00in
Topics: TV , Advertising , Movie

Price: $2,750.00

Purchase Live. Work. Consume. Die. 49 Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Stencil, Spray Paint & Acrylic on Cradled Wood by Denial graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"I have a fascination with television test patterns, there is something kind of apocalyptic about them. Like if you were ever seeing one then something terrible was happening. I also put some messaging in this piece that relates to what I believe is the true messaging in most television ads. Live, work, consume, die is really what TV is telling you to do, be it subliminally or not." - Denial

Color Green
Edition 55
Frame Craddled Wood
Media Stencil
Media Hand Embellishment
Media Spray Paint
Media Acrylic
Medium Wood
Topic TV
Topic Advertising
Topic Movie
Year 2015
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