The Waiting Game> Limited Edition Print by Hueman

Brand: Hueman
Dimensions: 24.00in x 18.00in

Price: $375.00

Purchase The Waiting Game Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on 310gsm Museum Natural Fine Art Paper by Hueman graffiti street artist modern pop art.

 "All of the pieces in this show were created organically, first by painting a spontaneous, freehand abstract background, then finding faces in the paint, carving them out, and building around them with shapes and lines. This one was no exception. Everything I create moves along an improvised stream of consciousness. The title describes the mood I was in when I painted it and is also the title of a song that I had playing while in my studio.  The composition is what makes it unique from the rest of my work. The figure is lying down and looking up, and there is a hand, something that I don’t usually paint that often. The abstract clouds and negative space dominate, and the figure doesn’t stand out but instead melts into this strange cloudy shape." - Hueman

Color Black
Color Tan
Color Rainbow
Color Red
Color Yellow
Edition 50
Frame Not Framed
Media Archival Pigment Print
Medium 310gsm Museum Natural Fine Art Paper
Topic Abstraction
Topic Face
Topic Hand
Topic Lips
Year 2016