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Timeless Skull Metallic- Bronze Silver> Limited Edition Print by Katsu

Artist: Katsu
Categories: Prints
Dimensions: 25.00in x 39.00in
Topics: Skull , Graffiti
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Purchase Timeless Skull Metallic- Bronze Silver Limited Edition Bronze Metallic Ink on Galvanized Silver Metallic Paper by Katsu graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"Skulls are the universal image for rebellion, Pirate flags use them as the ultimate offense, cannibals decorate their camps with them, the skull represents how I live my life. The single-stroke skull came out of my desire to tag faster. As a young tagger, I became fascinated with the practicality of tagging different designs and shapes. I wanted to engineer a design that was attractive both from an artistic standpoint but also from the idea of efficiency. The skull is how I condemn surfaces, structures, how I condemn the public space." - KATSU

Color Orange
Color Silver
Edition 75
Frame Not Framed
Media 1-Color Silkscreen
Media Metallic Ink
Medium Metallic Paper
Year 2015
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