Bucket Head #4> Original Sculpture by Ron Zakrin

Artwork: Ron Zakrin
Size: 7.00in x 11.00in

Price: $1,350.00

Purchase Bucket Head #4 Original Mixed-Media, Acrylic, Metal, Spraypaint Sculpture Artwork on Real Vintage Paint Can with reclaimed elements by graffiti street artist modern pop artist Ron Zakrin.

“This exhibition looks to both the recent past -- how technical advances in the music industry shaped a generation -- and to the near future for motifs and possible outcomes due to developments in artificial intelligence. This expansive body of work tells a story of adaptation and the integration of technology.” - Ron Zakrin

Color Purple
Color Brown
Color Gray
Media Metal
Media Acrylic
Media Mixed-Media
Media Spray Paint
Medium Wood
Original Art Original Sculpture
Topic Face
Topic Monster
Topic Robot
Year 2016