Liberty Girl- Freedom> Rare Polystone Sculpture by Brandalised

Artist: Brandalised
Categories: Sculpture , Artwork
Dimensions: 3.00in x 10.00in

Price: $800.00

Purchase Liberty Girl- Freedom Polystone Sculpture Limited Edition Artwork by Artist Brandalised of Pop Graffiti Painting & Street Art Fame.

10" Tall Donning an iconic green do, the second colorway of the popular Liberty Girl wears its inspirations on its sleeves. Standing on a box and picking her nose, Liberty Girl displays childish arrogance in her play for liberty. Don't miss your chance to own this remarkable piece of art that is now immortalized as a special edition Polystone figure. Comes With Unburnt Spray Can Candle.

Color Teal
Color Blue
Color Green
Edition Limited
Location DNGRM Box-
Media Polystone
Medium Polystone
Signed Stamped
Year 2020
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