Life is Beautiful- Black 2015> Limited Fine Sculpture by Mr Brainwash

Artist: Mr Brainwash
Categories: Sculpture , Artwork
Dimensions: 8.75in x 5.50in

Price: $4,500.00

Purchase Life is Beautiful- Black 2015 Limited Edition Cast Resin Thermal Coated Painted Resin Sculpture Artwork by Legendary Fine Graffiti Street Artist Mr Brainwash.

2015  Edition Size: 100  Hand Signe, numbered and dated with Signed Box. Announcing a special release of the "Life is Beautiful" sculpture. It is made from durable cast resin; thermal coated in eight classic Mr. Brainwash colors.  Each sculpture will be signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

Very small chip to paint on the backside.

Color Black
Edition 100
Location SHOEC + LC5
Media Paint
Media Resin
Medium Resin
Signed Signed
Year 2015
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