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Light Cult Crypto Bulb- Black & White GID> Limited Art Toy by Ron English

Artist: Ron English
Categories: Sculpture , Art Toys
Dimensions: 3.00in x 6.00in

Price: $740.00

Purchase Light Cult Crypto Bulb- Black & White GID Limited Edition Resin Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Ron English.

The Light Cult Crypto Bulb by Ron English X Clutter!  In his latest delusion, Ron English has co-opted the symbol of the idea itself – The light Bulb!  Each of the Light Cult Crypto Bulbs are a bigger-than-life 6” double-cast resin, handmade piece of art, created in NY by Clutter Studios.  Every Light Cult Crypto Bulb comes with an acrylic stand, in a special wooden box with a COA signed by Ron English.  Limited to 50 pieces, this is the first colorway of the Light Cult Crypto Bulb!  And the Light Cult Crypto Bulb Glows In The Dark!

The work of Ron English generates a series of complex narratives on the basis of the collective memory of the Western civilization, manipulating it into a surrealistic delirium of bright colors and multiple social and political connotations. It is not easy to place his work in a specific spot inside the visual arts spectrum. From prints to oil painting and from re-worked billboards to sculpture, he has experimented with all the media and means, which serve the purposes of his art.

Color Black
Color White
Color Gray
Edition 50
Location INC
Media Ink
Medium Resin
Signed COA
Year 2022
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