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Mannequin 3> Original Sculpture by Denial

Categories: Sculpture , Mixed Media , Artwork
Dimensions: 51.00in x 26.00in
Topics: Mannequin , Woman , Nude , Advertising ,

Price: $9,000.00

Purchase Mannequin 3 Original Mixed Media Sculpture Mannequin Artwork by graffiti street artist modern pop artist Denial.

Canadian artist Denial and Australian-born Ben Frost have joined forces in a bold exhibition of new work that explores the boundaries of appropriation, in confronting re-imaginings of our current dystopian society.

Essentially, Denial is satirizing the reality, which both he and us are experiencing, through some of the Western culture’s most emblematic symbols. Denial is utilizing cultural products with the intention to make a statement against the system, which gave birth to them. As a result, he re-contextualizes them and transforms them from commercial products to his cultural legacy.

Color Rainbow
Color Red
Color Black
Media Sticker
Media Ink
Medium Plastic
Medium Mannequin
Original Art Original Sculpture
Year 2013
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