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Modern Bouquet 3.0- Royalty> Original Sculpture by Jenna Morello

Artist: Jenna Morello
Categories: Sculpture
Dimensions: 3.00in x 3.00in
Topics: Rose , Flower , Concrete , Plant , Nature , Love , Royalty , King , Queen

Price: $490.00

Purchase Modern Bouquet 3.0- Royalty Original Mixed-Media Concrete Resin & Rose Flower Sculpture Artwork by graffiti street artist modern pop artist Jenna Morello.

2021 Original One of A Kind Rose Sculpture Signed By Concrete Stamp

Real rose forever preserved in resin cast in concrete.  Measures 3x3x3  Each comes with a stamped seal of authenticity.

Color Purple
Color Gray
Location INC
Media Resin
Media Flower
Medium Concrete
Original Art Original Sculpture
Signed Stamped
Year 2021
Jacklyn_Stracke on 12-13-2021 04:35 AM
Her art can be so giving, beguiling and respectful
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