Run Homie Yellow> Optical Illusion Kinetic Resin Art Sculpture by Yubi Nikola

Artist: Yubi Nikola
Categories: Sculpture
Dimensions: 10.00in x 10.00in

Price: $1,500.00

Purchase Run Homie Yellow Limited Run Resin Optical Illusion Kinetic Sculpture Artwork by Pop Artist Yubi Nikola.

2022 Limited Edition of Under 50 10x10x6.5 As You View The Artwork From Different Angles It Morphs In Appearance Using Depth.

Run Homie is the first in The Weapons collection. A play on The Simpsons and my Mac-10 combination. Run Homie is hand-sculpted and cast in resin finished in a Simpson's yellow flat automotive paint.  All packed in a very nice custom hardcase. 

Color Yellow
Edition Under 50
Location INC
Media Automotive Paint
Media Resin
Signed VERIFY?
Year 2022
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