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Limited Skateboard Deck Artworks

From a sports good to an art collectible, skateboards turned into works of art are the next big thing, even though everything started in 2000 when Supreme launched the first-ever artist-designed skate deck as part of its “Artists Series.”. This stems from the skaters’ habit to adorn their boards as a way of making them stand out and highlight their individuality, almost as if marking their brand name/identity. Today, skateboard art can be even in Moma’s gift ship and, as a result, such pieces are generally considered luxury items and not often used as actual skateboards rather than artworks. In any case, the skate deck is no exception to the long list of new tools that contemporary artists make use of and, in a way, re-connects the artists with the original roots of graffiti, which is so closely related to the skating (sub)culture.