Subrosa Deck> Limited Art Skateboard by Faile

Artwork: Faile
Size: 9.10in x 29.15in
Trends: Kiss , Mermaid , Retro , Woman , Love , Sex , Romance , Nude , Lesbian , LGBTQ , Gay

Price: $650.00

Purchase Subrosa Deck Limited Edition Silkscreen Skateboard deck art by street pop culture artist Faile.

FAILE  SUBROSA, 2019 9.10" x  29.15" 7 ply maple wood  Edition of 150. Each deck comes with a COA signed by curator Roger Gastman that confirms the authenticity and edition size.

Color Rainbow
Color Blue
Color Yellow
Edition 150
Location INC
Media Silkscreen
Medium Plywood
Medium Wood
Signed COA
Topic Skating
Topic Sport
Topic Woman
Topic Love
Topic Nude
Year 2019