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Supreme Dash Snow Set Decks> Limited Skateboard Collection

Artist: Supreme
Categories: Skateboards
Dimensions: 8.00in x 31.00in

Price: $780.00

Purchase Supreme Dash Snow Set Decks Limited Edition Skateboard deck art by Designer Brand Supreme

FW16 2016- Born and raised on the Upper West Side of New York City, Dash Snow tragically passed away at the age of just 27. Snow was originally known for his photography and as a member of the IRAK graffiti crew in the 1990s. However he became best known for work using newspaper clippings to show his disgust for authoritarian figures, as is the case in this Fall/Winter 2016 collaboration. Sold only as a set, these three skate decks are a piece of art history and classic item in the long line of great Supreme artist collaborations.

Color Tan
Color Red
Edition Limited
Location SBB28
Media Ink
Medium Wood
Signed Printed
Year 2016
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