Chanoir- Black> Montana MTN Spray Paint Can Limited Edition

Artist: Chanoir
Categories: Spray Paint Cans , Artwork
Dimensions: 3.00in x 8.00in

Price: $300.00

Purchase Chanoir- Black Limited Edition Rare Spray Paint Can Artwork Crossover by famous graffiti paint maker Montana MTN.

Chanoir is a street artist originally from Colombia and currently living in Paris who builds his work around the iconic figure of “The Black Cat”. His playful style surprises pedestrians in cities like Bogota, Miami, and Barcelona, to name just a few. During his stay in Barcelona, where he lived for many years, he founded The 1980 Crew, one of the most active groups in the beginning of the century. This time period being commonly thought of as the so-called “Golden Era” of street art in Barcelona. His famous cats blend into their surroundings featuring his characteristic simple style mixed with neon colors.

Color Black
Color Green
Color Blue
Edition 500
Media Ink
Medium Metal
Year 2014
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