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SS002 Onyx> Fine Art Shoe Sculpture by Ceeze

Artist: Ceeze
Dimensions: 9.50in x 6.00in

Price: $490.00

Purchase SS002 Onyx Limited Edition Ceramic Nike Air Jordan 1 Shoe Sculpture Artwork by Urban Street Artist Ceeze.

2021 Custom Box & Shoe Sculpture. Inspired by one of the most iconic Nike shoes to date, we've taken the Air Jordan 1 and transformed it into the perfect desktop accessory. Crafted from a Size 7 US shoe, this ceramic sculpture comes complete with a candle built into the shoe's mouth for some added ambiance.  Ceramic sculpture cast from high heat mold, with metallic scratch-resistant heat-set paint.

Color Black
Edition Limited
Location WH-4
Media Metallic Paint
Medium Ceramic
Signed Stamped
Year 2021
Zk1 on 12-13-2021 06:35 AM
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