Stoned Eye Shrine Moonrock> Original Handmade Painted Art Toy by Nug Life NY

Artist: Nug Life NY
Dimensions: 4.00in x 3.50in

Price: $350.00

Purchase Stoned Eye Shrine Moonrock Original One of a Kind Handmade & Painted Art Toy Collectible Artwork by pop artists Nug Life NY.

Stoned Eye Shrines exist all over Nugglife. From the jungles, oceans, the deep north, to the vast Kief deserts, ancient pyramids are tucked away with two Eye Nuggs. These shrines help bring smokers, growers, and nugmads together. From seeking knowledge to just taking a smoke break, great wonders are to come to those who take the time to appreciate them. They only open up to those who truly believe. Word around the town is these ancient relics were used by Aliens to communicate to other worlds.  Each one is sculpted from scratch, with resin features. The plants are hand-made from wire and clay. Everything is hand-painted and dipped in our signature Kief mixture.  4 x 3.5 x 3 Inches and comes boxed

Color Green
Color Yellow
Location INC
Media Mixed Media
Media Paint
Medium Mixed Media
Original Art Original Sculpture
Signed Yes
Topic Cannabis
Topic Nature
Topic Plant
Topic Marijuana
Topic Pyramid
Year 2021
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