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To The Art Train> Original All City Style Subway Sculpture by Rek Santiago

Artist: Rek Santiago
Categories: Sculpture , Paintings
Dimensions: 20.25in x 5.00in

Price: $425.00

Purchase To The Art Train Original All City Style Subway Painting on Wall Sculpture Artwork by Graffiti Street Artist Artist Rek Santiago.

2010 Signed Original Spray Paint Marker & All City Style Train Sculpture One of A Kind Artwork Size 20.25x5x1.75

Signed RekOne NSA & RekOne WB Original Hand Painted Graffiti on Wall Mountable All City Style Subway Train Platform.

Scattered Soiling & Blemishes Constatant With Age, Great Condition.

Color Gray
Color Purple
Media Spray Paint
Media Marker
Medium Plastic
Medium All City Style Train
Original Art Original Sculpture
Original Art Original Painting
Signed Yes
Year 2010
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