Spider Andy- Standard> Mixed-Media HPM Silkscreen Print by Copyright

Artwork: Copyright
Size: 13.70in x 19.60in

Price: $425.00

Purchase Spider Andy- Standard 5-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on 300 gsm Fabriano Watercolour Paper by Copyright Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist.

Andy Warhol x Spider Man Marvel Comics. Mixed Media Screen Prints on 300 gsm Fabriano Watercolour Paper Size:    13.7 x 19.6 Inches (35 cm x 50 cm) Release:    April 14, 2021 Run of:    25. This edition is uniquely hand-painted. Copyright: Copyright has been daubing the streets of the UK with his trademark pink roses for years. Fusing street art, graffiti, and more traditional styles, he uses a mixture of classic painting techniques and spray can art. He creates print styles with stencils, depth with spray paint, and texture with a paintbrush.

Color Black
Color Teal
Color Gray
Edition 25
Edition HPM
Frame Not Framed
Location INC
Media 5-Color Silkscreen
Media Ink
Media Stencil
Medium 300 gsm Fabriano Watercolour Paper
Signed Yes
Topic Spiderman
Topic TV
Topic Andy Warhol
Topic Man
Topic Marvel Comcis
Topic Comics
Topic Movie
Topic Master
Year 2021