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  • Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture by Disney x Apportfolio x Daniel Arsham Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture by Disney x Apportfolio x Daniel Arsham

    Daniel Arsham Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture by Disney x Apportfolio x Daniel Arsham

    Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture by Disney x Apportfolio x Daniel Arsham Limited Edition Pop Artwork Street Artist Fine Art. 2020 Stamped Resin Sculpture Limited Edition of 500 Artwork Size 17x16x17.25 of a Gray Mickey Mouse Ghost Like Stylized Daniel Arsham Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture. New in Box. The collaboration between Disney, Apportfolio, and celebrated contemporary artist Daniel Arsham has led to the creation of an extraordinary piece of collectible art: the Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture. This limited edition piece, which showcases Arsham's unique vision within pop and street art, is an emblematic reinterpretation of the iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse. Created in 2020, the sculpture is a profound statement that merges the playful essence of Mickey Mouse with the edgy and often ephemeral energy found in street art. This Hollow Mickey piece is not just a representation of the beloved character; it's a physical manifestation of the passage of time—a recurring theme in Arsham's work. The sculpture is skillfully cast in grey resin, encapsulating a ghost-like form that seems absent and present. It encapsulates the fleeting nature of pop culture, preserving the momentary in a form that feels as if it has been excavated from the distant future. With dimensions of 17x16x17.25 inches, the artwork has a commanding presence that captures attention and provokes contemplation. Limited to just 500 pieces, each sculpture is stamped, underscoring the authenticity and exclusivity of the artwork. Collectors of Arsham's work appreciate not just the aesthetic and emotional appeal but also the fine art aspect of this limited-edition series. It stands at the intersection of pop art and fine art, an accessible piece that is charged with the intellectual depth of contemporary art practices. Arsham's Hollow Mickey challenges the boundaries between traditional sculpture, street art, and pop culture iconography. It is a perfect example of how modern street artists can take ubiquitous symbols from popular media and infuse them with a sense of history, decay, and the sublime. This piece doesn't merely represent a character; it symbolizes the temporal relationship we have with cultural icons and our ever-changing engagement with art and nostalgia. As such, it holds a mirror to the viewer, inviting a personal interpretation that resonates with the fleeting nature of time and the enduring quality of a cultural phenomenon.


Daniel Arsham
Daniel Arsham's Artistic Journey: Sculpting the Past and Future In the contemporary art scene, few artists have managed to blend architecture, performance, and sculpture as seamlessly as Daniel Arsham. His unique approach to art is characterized by a fascination with forms and an exploration of the line between history and expectation. Arsham's distinctive style creates a poignant commentary on destruction, archaeology, and memory, encouraging viewers to reconsider their understanding of time and materiality. This New York-based artist has carved a niche for himself by constructing works that defy conventional categorization, existing at the intersection of art, architecture, and performance.

Daniel Arsham's Aesthetic: Between Architecture and Sculpture

Arsham’s aesthetic is a fusion of stark contrasts - the ruin and the unmade, the ancient and the futuristic. His works often feature everyday objects rendered in geological materials like volcanic ash, quartz, and selenite. These sculptures, which look like they've been unearthed from a future archaeological dig, challenge our perception of time. Arsham plays with the materiality of objects to make the old appear new and the new appear as though they've withstood centuries. The transformation of iconic contemporary items into 'future relics' is among his most celebrated techniques, creating an uncanny bridge between the past and the present.

The Early Years and Development of Daniel Arsham

Arsham's journey into the world of art began with a strong foundation in architecture. His initial foray into the field was not through traditional art spaces but through stage design, which heavily influenced his understanding of space and structure. After studying at the Cooper Union in New York City, where he received mentorship from influential artists such as Chuck Close, Arsham's career swiftly expanded beyond conventional boundaries. His early work was marked by an innovative spirit, as he delved into experimental architectural projects that would later become a hallmark of his artistic language.

Collaborations and Expansions in Daniel Arsham's Work

Collaboration has been a significant aspect of Arsham's career. Notably, his partnership with choreographer Merce Cunningham led to stage designs that merged the dynamic of performance art with the solidity of architectural form. Arsham also co-founded the design firm Snarkitecture with Alex Mustonen, which allowed him to explore the boundaries of art and architecture further. Through Snarkitecture, Arsham has realized installations that prompt interaction and a sense of wonder, often incorporating elements from his sculptural practice.

Daniel Arsham's Exploration of Materiality and Form

The crux of Arsham's work lies in his exploration of materiality. His sculptures are meticulously crafted to resemble decaying artifacts, evoking a sense of nostalgia and loss. By using materials traditionally associated with the solidity and permanence of buildings, Arsham invites a dialogue on the transience of objects and the fragility of human culture. His pieces are hauntingly beautiful, often blurring the lines between what is natural and what is man-made, what is durable and what is ephemeral.

Exhibitions and Global Presence of Daniel Arsham

Arsham's works have been exhibited worldwide, from Paris to Tokyo, evidencing his global impact on contemporary art. His exhibitions are often immersive experiences that transport viewers into a realm that is both familiar and alien. Arsham's strategic use of light, space, and materials creates environments that are contemplative, allowing the audience to engage with his works on a sensory level. The global reach of his exhibitions underscores the universal themes he grapples with, particularly the shared human fascination with time and its artifacts.

Future Relics: Daniel Arsham's Signature Series

One of Arsham's most iconic series is his 'Future Relic' collection, where he takes objects such as cameras, basketballs, and teddy bears and petrifies them as if they've been discovered after centuries of lying dormant. These works not only showcase Arsham’s extraordinary vision but also provoke a thoughtful introspection on the objects we deem significant today and their potential legacy.

Innovative Use of Space by Daniel Arsham

Arsham extends his practice beyond the traditional art object to engage with space in innovative ways. He has designed spaces that challenge the conventions of architecture, creating rooms with eroded walls and warped floors that seem to defy gravity and logic. These spaces play with the audience's perception and stand as physical manifestations of Arsham's overarching themes of time, transformation, and the intersection of the natural and the artificial.

The Impact of Daniel Arsham's Vision

Arsham's influence on the art world is undeniable. His work has inspired a new generation of artists to explore the possibilities of merging different disciplines and to think about the temporal nature of human existence. Arsham's vision prompts
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