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Dulk - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

Purchase Artist Antonio Segura Donat- Dulk's Street Art Graffiti Modern Art, Prints, Originals, Sculpture, and Paintings. Dulk is a Spanish artist born in 1983 whose real name is Antonio Segura Donat. He is known for his unique and colorful art style that often features whimsical creatures and landscapes. Dulk began his artistic career as a street artist in his hometown of Valencia, Spain. He used to paint murals and graffiti on the walls of abandoned buildings, bridges, and other urban spaces. However, he soon transitioned to more traditional forms of art, such as painting and illustration. Dulk's artwork often features anthropomorphic animals, such as foxes, rabbits, and birds, in fantastical settings. His pieces are full of vibrant colors and intricate details, which create a sense of wonder and awe in the viewer. One of Dulk's most famous works is a mural called "The Tortoise and the Hare," which he painted in 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. The mural depicts a giant hare racing against a tiny tortoise, with other animals cheering them on from the sidelines. Dulk's art has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including in the United States, France, and Japan. In addition to his visual art, Dulk has also published several books featuring his illustrations and has collaborated with fashion brands and other artists. Dulk is a talented and imaginative artist who has gained a following for his playful and colorful style. His work inspires a sense of childlike wonder and encourages viewers to look at the world around them with fresh eyes.


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