Elizabeth II Queen of England

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  • Never Trust A Punk Giclee Print by Jamie Reid

    Jamie Reid Never Trust A Punk Giclee Print by Jamie Reid

    Never Trust A Punk Artwork Giclee Limited Edition Print on 290gsm Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper by Pop Culture Graffiti Artist Jamie Reid. 2019 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 300 Artwork Size 32.3x22.8 In the annals of pop culture, graffiti, and street art, Jamie Reid emerges as a luminary, challenging societal norms with his provocative creations. "Never Trust A Punk" stands as a testament to Reid's unparalleled ability to intertwine art with cultural and political discourse. This piece, crafted in 2019, distinctly captures the punk ethos that rose to prominence in the late 1970s, becoming a hallmark of Reid's aesthetic. "Never Trust A Punk" is not merely an artwork but a statement, a proclamation that showcases Reid's characteristic blend of satire, dissent, and visual appeal. The juxtaposition of the iconic Union Jack with a stark portrayal of the British monarch, her eyes concealed, boldly encapsulates the rebellious spirit of the time. The message is clear, echoing sentiments of distrust and rebellion, which were rampant during the punk movement. This artwork holds an even deeper resonance for music enthusiasts and followers of British punk rock. The imagery bears a striking resemblance to that used for the cover of "God Save the Queen" by The Sex Pistols in 1977, a track that stirred controversy and remains emblematic of the punk era. As a limited edition giclee print, only 300 pieces of "Never Trust A Punk" were ever produced. Each print is immaculately rendered on premium 290gsm Hahnemühle bamboo paper, a medium chosen for its ability to capture the vibrancy and detail of the original artwork. Measuring at 32.3 x 22.8 inches, each piece is hand-signed and numbered by Reid, solidifying its authenticity and making it a coveted item for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.


Elizabeth II Queen of England
Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, has been a subject of fascination for people all over the world. Her reign, spanning over 7 decades, has seen significant changes in the world, and her image has been immortalized in various forms of art, including graffiti and street art prints. Graffiti art prints and street art prints have become increasingly popular in recent years, with artists using public spaces to display their creativity and make a statement. Elizabeth II, with her distinctive style and presence, has become a popular subject for these forms of art. Graffiti art prints of Elizabeth II often feature her in a bold, vibrant style, with the artist incorporating various elements to create a unique piece of art. These prints may depict the Queen in her regal attire, or they may show a more relaxed side to her personality, such as enjoying a cup of tea or taking a stroll in the park. Street art prints of Elizabeth II often take a more political or social stance, with the artist using the Queen's image to comment on current events or issues. For example, some prints may show the Queen with a speech bubble containing a quote from a controversial figure or politician, while others may depict her as a symbol of the British establishment, highlighting issues of inequality and injustice. Regardless of the style or message, graffiti art prints and street art prints of Elizabeth II are a testament to her enduring popularity and cultural significance. Her image has become a powerful symbol of British identity, and her reign has been marked by significant historical events that have shaped the world we live in today. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of street artists using their art to raise awareness of social and political issues. Elizabeth II, as a figurehead of the British establishment, has become a popular subject for these artists to comment on issues such as Brexit, the refugee crisis, and climate change. Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, has become an iconic figure in graffiti and street art prints. Her image has been used to make bold political and social statements, as well as to celebrate her regal presence and enduring popularity. Whether you see her as a symbol of British identity or a reminder of the inequalities of the establishment, there is no denying the cultural significance of the Queen in the world of art.
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