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Fernando Reza (Fro) - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Fernando Reza, also known as Fro, is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer, illustrator, and artist known for his work in poster design, branding, and various other forms of visual communication. He has a distinctive style that often combines pop culture references, vintage aesthetics, and bold color palettes. Reza has worked on numerous projects for clients ranging from small businesses to well-known brands and film studios. Some of his notable works include alternative movie posters for iconic films like "The Lord of the Rings," "Back to the Future," and "Jurassic Park." His posters often reimagine the original promotional materials in a fresh, contemporary way, while still paying homage to the source material. In addition to his design work, Fernando Reza is an avid collector of vintage ephemera and is involved in various art communities and exhibitions. He has built a strong following on social media platforms where he showcases his latest designs and shares insights into his creative process.
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