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Framed Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork

Framed graffiti street art refers to graffiti or street art that has been transferred from its original public location to a more private setting, often framed and displayed in homes, galleries, or museums. This can be done in several ways: Photography: Artists or enthusiasts can take high-quality photographs of graffiti or street art and then print and frame the images for display. This method preserves the artwork in its original context while allowing it to be appreciated in a different setting. Canvas transfer: In some cases, graffiti artists create their work on removable surfaces like canvas or other materials that can be easily transported and framed. This allows the artwork to be sold, collected, and displayed like traditional paintings. Wall sections: In rare instances, if the graffiti or street art is on a removable surface (such as a wooden or metal panel), the entire piece can be removed and framed, preserving the original artwork in its entirety. Reproductions: Some artists or companies may create authorized reproductions of popular graffiti or street art pieces, which can be framed and sold as limited-edition prints or posters. Framing graffiti street art can be controversial since it often involves removing the art from its original, public context and placing it in a more controlled and private environment. However, it also allows these artworks to be preserved and appreciated by a wider audience.

Graffiti & Street Pop Art


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