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  • Cup & Brushes Original Ceramic Sculpture by Joshua Vides Cup & Brushes Original Ceramic Sculpture by Joshua Vides

    Joshua Vides Cup & Brushes Original Ceramic Sculpture by Joshua Vides

    Purchase Cup & Brushes Original Ceramic Hand Painted Sculpture by Joshua Vides Shattered Dreams Series Artwork by Graffiti Street Artist. 2023 Signed Original Hand-Made Sculpture One of A Kind Ceramic & Acrylic Paint Artwork Size XXX BMW Car Logo on Tall Slim Cup with Paintbrushes in It That Have Been Used With Colorful Paint Statue. Joshua Vides, a renowned name in the street and graffiti art scene, has taken a divergent turn in his creative journey with the unveiling of his latest series titled "Shattered Dreams." This exhibition, which took place in Los Angeles, California, from August 18 to 25, 2023, marked Vides' inaugural venture into an exclusively ceramic-centric realm. A significant piece from this collection, the "Cup & Brushes," serves as a testament to the artist's boundless versatility and keen eye for merging contemporary concepts with traditional mediums. At first glance, the "Cup & Brushes" sculpture is more than a mere ceramic creation; it's a tangible narrative of the artist's transformative journey. Hand-molded and meticulously painted by Vides in his studio, this particular sculpture captivates viewers with its emblematic portrayal of the BMW car logo on a statuesque, slim cup. Nestled within the cup are paintbrushes, each vividly stained with remnants of colorful paint, illustrating the fusion of utility and artistry. The juxtaposition of the revered automotive emblem with the rudimentary tools of a painter not only reiterates the theme of shattered expectations but also challenges the conventions of pop art. Vides' dedication to handcrafting each piece in the "Shattered Dreams" series accentuates the personal touch and authenticity infused in every artwork. This transition from his graffiti roots to ceramics, while retaining the essence of street art, showcases the evolution of an artist who isn’t afraid to shatter boundaries while dreaming big.


  • Super Sport Camaro Supreme Tray Art Object by Lady Pink

    Lady Pink Super Sport Camaro Supreme Tray Art Object by Lady Pink

    Purchase Super Sport Camaro Supreme Tray Limited Edition Porcelain Art Glass Collectible Plate Artwork by OG Street Graffiti Artist Lady Pink. 2021 Lady Pink/Supreme Tray - Super Sport Camero - Shop - Supreme. Porcelain tray with printed graphic and printed logo on bottom. 5.9 x 7.1


Glass Art & Vases - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

Glass as a medium in graffiti street art can be an interesting and innovative way to explore new creative possibilities. Utilizing glass adds a unique dimension to street art, as it interacts with light, reflections, and its surroundings in a way that traditional materials like paint or markers cannot. Here are some ways glass can be incorporated into graffiti street art: Glass etching: Artists can use glass etching techniques to create intricate designs and patterns on glass surfaces. This can be done using etching cream, which reacts with the glass and permanently alters its texture, or using mechanical tools like a Dremel or rotary tool to carve directly into the glass. Etched designs on glass can create a beautiful, frosted effect that contrasts with the smooth, reflective surface. Glass paint: There are specialized paints available for glass surfaces, allowing artists to paint directly onto the glass. This can create vibrant, translucent effects that interact with light and reflections to produce unique visual experiences. Glass paint is available in a variety of colors and finishes, such as gloss, matte, and metallic. Stained glass: Graffiti artists can create stained glass-like effects by using transparent colored adhesive films or specialized glass paints. This technique can add a new level of depth and color to street art, and the light passing through the glass creates a dynamic visual effect. Glass mosaic: Artists can create intricate designs by arranging small pieces of colored glass, known as tesserae, onto a transparent adhesive film or a clear glass panel. This type of art can be attached to windows or glass walls, allowing light to pass through and create a stunning visual effect. Layering glass: By using multiple layers of glass, artists can create a three-dimensional effect in their street art. Layering different colors, textures, or designs on separate glass panes can produce intriguing depth and visual complexity. Light projection: In combination with glass surfaces, artists can use light projections to create graffiti that appears to float or change as the light source moves. This technique can also be used to make the artwork interactive, responding to the movement of people or objects in the environment. When working with glass as a medium for graffiti street art, it is essential to consider safety concerns, including the risk of injury from broken glass or damage to public property. Additionally, artists should be aware of local laws and regulations regarding graffiti and street art in their area to avoid potential legal issues. Glass art has its roots in ancient Egypt and Assyria, places where glass production was massively developed and flourished over the centuries. Later on, many other civilizations incorporated this delicate, yet demanding and fragile medium.  Nowadays, glass is still considered a more or less traditional material that requires a high level of expertise. However, over the recent years, it has also found its way into street art as a peculiar and at the same time eye-catching medium.

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