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Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a popular subject in Graffiti Street Pop Art due to her iconic image and recognizable features. Artists have used Hello Kitty's image as a canvas to express their creativity and create unique works of art that appeal to a wide audience. Some artists have used Hello Kitty's image as a starting point to create politically charged pieces that comment on societal issues. For example, artist Shepard Fairey created a piece that features Hello Kitty wearing a gas mask, commenting on the dangers of air pollution. Others have used Hello Kitty's image in a more whimsical way, incorporating her into larger murals or creating pieces that are simply visually striking. Some artists have even created Hello Kitty-inspired characters of their own, incorporating her distinctive style into new and original works. Hello Kitty is a versatile and popular subject in Graffiti Street Pop Art, providing artists with a recognizable image that they can use to express a range of ideas and emotions.

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