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  • Power Sculpture by Cleon Peterson

    Cleon Peterson Power Sculpture by Cleon Peterson

    Purchase Power Sculpture Limited Edition Resin Sculpture Artwork by Legendary Fine Graffiti Street Artist Cleon Peterson. Power, 2021 Matte White Resin Size: H 11.625" x  W 7" x D 3" Limited edition of 500 Los Angeles-based artist Cleon Peterson is widely known for his fearless, psycho-social depictions of human nature and authoritarian elements in contemporary society. His monochromatic work." comprising paintings, sculptures, and prints, reflect his distinctive. graphic style. Peterson was a contributing artist in 2019's Beyond the Streets exhibition in Brooklyn, NY, For Beyond the Streets 2021, Peterson provides his iconic visual designs. The art of Peterson has a strong anti-establishment character and anger, as a creative force, is present throughout most of his artworks. The subject of anger is the artist and with his work, he is turning against society’s deepest weariness and malaise. What’s alarming for Peterson in our world is not the poverty, injustice, and cruelty by themselves, but the lack of reaction to them.


  • Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture by Disney x Apportfolio x Daniel Arsham Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture by Disney x Apportfolio x Daniel Arsham

    Daniel Arsham Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture by Disney x Apportfolio x Daniel Arsham

    Purchase Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture by Disney x Apportfolio x Daniel Arsham Limited Edition Pop Artwork Street Artist Fine Art. 2020 Stamped Resin Sculpture Limited Edition of 500 Artwork Size 17x16x17.25 of a Gray Mickey Mouse Ghost Like Stylized Daniel Arsham Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture. New in Box. The collaboration between Disney, Apportfolio, and celebrated contemporary artist Daniel Arsham has led to the creation of an extraordinary piece of collectible art: the Hollow Mickey Grey Resin Sculpture. This limited edition piece, which showcases Arsham's unique vision within pop and street art, is an emblematic reinterpretation of the iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse. Created in 2020, the sculpture is a profound statement that merges the playful essence of Mickey Mouse with the edgy and often ephemeral energy found in street art. This Hollow Mickey piece is not just a representation of the beloved character; it's a physical manifestation of the passage of time—a recurring theme in Arsham's work. The sculpture is skillfully cast in grey resin, encapsulating a ghost-like form that seems absent and present. It encapsulates the fleeting nature of pop culture, preserving the momentary in a form that feels as if it has been excavated from the distant future. With dimensions of 17x16x17.25 inches, the artwork has a commanding presence that captures attention and provokes contemplation. Limited to just 500 pieces, each sculpture is stamped, underscoring the authenticity and exclusivity of the artwork. Collectors of Arsham's work appreciate not just the aesthetic and emotional appeal but also the fine art aspect of this limited-edition series. It stands at the intersection of pop art and fine art, an accessible piece that is charged with the intellectual depth of contemporary art practices. Arsham's Hollow Mickey challenges the boundaries between traditional sculpture, street art, and pop culture iconography. It is a perfect example of how modern street artists can take ubiquitous symbols from popular media and infuse them with a sense of history, decay, and the sublime. This piece doesn't merely represent a character; it symbolizes the temporal relationship we have with cultural icons and our ever-changing engagement with art and nostalgia. As such, it holds a mirror to the viewer, inviting a personal interpretation that resonates with the fleeting nature of time and the enduring quality of a cultural phenomenon. 


Graffiti street art has always been a powerful medium for self-expression, and many artists have ventured into creating horror-inspired pieces to elicit a range of emotions from viewers. Horror in graffiti street art can be seen in various forms, including: Dark Imagery: Artists may utilize dark, eerie, and sometimes grotesque imagery to evoke a sense of horror. This can include haunted houses, ghosts, zombies, or other supernatural beings. Macabre themes: Themes related to death, decay, and the darker aspects of life are often explored in horror-based graffiti art. Skulls, skeletons, and other symbols of mortality can be prominently featured. Surrealism: Surrealistic elements can heighten the sense of unease in horror-themed graffiti. The artist might create distorted, dreamlike, or nightmarish scenes to disorient and unsettle the viewer. Pop culture references: Graffiti artists may incorporate well-known horror characters, such as Pennywise from "It" or Freddy Krueger from "A Nightmare on Elm Street," into their works. This creates a familiar yet unsettling atmosphere. Psychological horror: Some artists may opt for a more subtle approach, using symbolic imagery or metaphorical representations to evoke a sense of dread or anxiety rather than outright terror. Urban legends and folklore: Artists can tap into the rich history of urban legends and folklore to create chilling scenes that capture the imagination of passersby. Social commentary: Horror-based graffiti can be a means of exploring and critiquing societal issues, such as violence, poverty, or political oppression. These pieces can serve as powerful statements that provoke thought and discussion. Horror in graffiti street art allows artists to express their creativity while engaging with their audience on a visceral level. The combination of public space and unsettling imagery can make these works memorable and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.
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