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  • Broken Lithograph Print by Jeff Soto

    Jeff Soto Broken Lithograph Print by Jeff Soto

    Purchase Broken Lithograph Print by Jeff Soto Hand-Pulled Print on 80# Patina Matte Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Graffiti Street Pop Artwork. 2010 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 450 Artwork Size 21.88x30 Jeff Soto's "Broken" Lithograph: A Tapestry of Street Pop Art and Surrealism Jeff Soto's "Broken" lithograph is a masterful amalgamation of graffiti's raw spontaneity and the vivid, dream-like quality of pop art, presenting a unique tableau that captures the imagination. This hand-pulled print on 80# Patina Matte Fine Art Paper, released in a limited edition of 450 in 2010, is a testament to Soto's prowess in translating the essence of street art onto a more enduring medium. Each piece, sized at 21.88x30 inches, is meticulously signed and numbered, emphasizing its exclusivity and the artist's personal touch. Soto's work is renowned for its intricate detail, and "Broken" is no exception, with its layered imagery and textured visuals that invite viewers to delve into a narrative as sprawling and complex as graffiti itself. "Broken" is not just an artwork; it is a narrative piece that encapsulates the multifaceted nature of Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork. The fantastical creature at the center of the composition, with its vibrant pink hue and juxtaposition of animalistic traits, is a visual anchor that draws the eye and ignites curiosity. This creature, existing in a world that defies conventional reality, symbolizes the freedom of expression inherent in street art. This freedom allows for a fusion of the real and the surreal, giving rise to a new realm where the rules of traditional art are bent and reimagined. The Cultural Impact of Jeff Soto's "Broken" in the Art World Jeff Soto's "Broken" cultural impact extends beyond its aesthetic appeal, speaking to the heart of the street art movement's influence on contemporary art. The piece embodies the rebellious spirit of graffiti, with its disregard for boundaries and its challenge to the status quo. In bringing such a piece to the realm of fine art prints, Soto demonstrates the evolving perception of graffiti as a legitimate and impactful form of artistic expression. The limited edition nature of "Broken" mirrors the transient nature of street murals, often at the mercy of time and urban development, adding a sense of preciousness to their ownership. Soto's "Broken" celebrates the creative spirit that drives the street pop art movement. It bridges the often underground world of graffiti and the established art community, showcasing the potential for street-inspired visuals to resonate within gallery spaces. The print's complexity, with its swirling colors and forms, echoes the layered textures and meanings often found in street murals, inviting a deeper engagement and interpretation from its audience. Jeff Soto's "Broken" lithograph print is a vibrant homage to the transformative power of street pop art and graffiti. As a limited edition work, it captures the essence of a movement that continues to challenge and redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. Each signed and numbered print stands as a testament to the artist's vision, a piece of a larger narrative that celebrates the union of street culture and fine art. Much like the street art inspired by, it is a narrative that continues to evolve and influence long after the paint has dried.


  • Otaku Offset Lithograph Portfolio Art Print Set by Glenn Barr Otaku Offset Lithograph Portfolio Art Print Set by Glenn Barr

    Glenn Barr Otaku Offset Lithograph Portfolio Art Print Set by Glenn Barr

    Purchase Otaku Offset Lithograph Portfolio Art 4x Print Set by Glenn Barr Die Cut Foil Stamped Print on Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Hand-Pulled Street Pop Artwork Graffiti. 2018 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 450 Offset Lithograph Print Set of 4 Artworks Size 11x12.63 Glenn Barr's Otaku Offset Lithograph Portfolio: A Limited Edition Street Pop Artwork Collection In Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork, Glenn Barr's "Otaku Offset Lithograph Portfolio Art Print Set" is a compelling testament to his artistic prowess. Released in 2018, this limited edition set vividly embodies Barr's distinct style, which seamlessly melds influences from pop culture, street aesthetics, and the ethereal realms of the imagination. Limited to an edition of 450, each set in this collection is signed and numbered by the artist, reinforcing its exclusivity and appeal to collectors and fans alike. Each print in the Otaku Print Set measures 11 by 12 5/8 inches, a deliberate choice that reflects Barr's attention to detail and his intent to create a cohesive visual experience. The prints come in a custom-designed portfolio that boasts intricate die-cutting and is foil-stamped in two colors, further accentuating the set's artistic and collectible value. Choosing fine art paper for the prints ensures that each piece captures Barr's creative intent and stands the test of time as collectible art. Cultural Significance and Artistic Merit of Barr's Otaku Prints The Otaku Print Set is more than just a collection of images; it is a narrative woven through visual art. The term "Otaku" is a nod to the Japanese subculture obsessed with computers and particular aspects of popular culture, a fitting title for Barr's work, which often delves into the depths of subculture and the esoteric. Each lithograph in the set serves as a window into Barr's world, where the lines between reality and fantasy blur, and characters are entangled in scenes that suggest stories beyond the canvas. The talent for storytelling through Street Pop Art is evident. This print set includes characters and motifs that resonate with the observer, often evoking a sense of nostalgia while simultaneously propelling them into a surreal narrative. This blend of the familiar with the mysterious is a hallmark of Barr's style and one that he executes with precision in this print set. This unique quality makes the Otaku Offset Lithograph Portfolio resonate with the essence of street and graffiti art while maintaining a distinct identity within the genre. Collectibility and Impact of Glenn Barr's Lithograph Prints The limited nature of the Otaku Print Set, along with Barr's signature and the sequential numbering, provides a level of collectibility that is highly sought after in art. Collectors and enthusiasts are drawn not only to the aesthetic and thematic elements of the prints but also to their potential as investments. The artistry and rarity combined make the Otaku Print Set a coveted item for those who appreciate the finer nuances of Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork. Furthermore, the presentation of the prints within their custom portfolio reflects Barr's understanding of his audience's desire for a comprehensive artistic package. The portfolio is a piece of art carefully designed to enhance and protect the prints it houses. This attention to the overall experience of the collector demonstrates Barr's commitment to quality and his understanding of the art market. Glenn Barr's "Otaku Offset Lithograph Portfolio Art Print Set" is a remarkable collection that captures the spirit of Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork. It stands as a testament to Barr's skill as an artist who can traverse the realms of pop culture and street art, creating evocative and engaging works. With thoughtful curation and presentation, this limited edition leaves an indelible mark on contemporary art, embodying the vibrancy and dynamism that define Barr's artistic journey.


  • 3D Death Curses Volume 1 Book Zine by Scarecrowoven

    Scarecrowoven 3D Death Curses Volume 1 Book Zine by Scarecrowoven

    Purchase 3D Death Curses Volume 1 Limited Edition Art Comic Book Zine with Real 3D Art by Scarecrowoven. Includes working 3D glasses and 14 pages of art.


  • Harryhausen Land 16x20 Archival Print by Pooch

    Pooch Harryhausen Land 16x20 Archival Print by Pooch

    Purchase Harryhausen Land 16x20 Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on Fine Art Paper by Pooch Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art.


  • Skum Ra The Ever Sucking Giclee Print by Scarecrowoven

    Scarecrowoven Skum Ra The Ever Sucking Giclee Print by Scarecrowoven

    Purchase Skum Ra The Ever-Sucking Artwork Macabe Giclee Limited Edition Print on Cold Press Water Color Paper by Pop Culture Graffiti Artist Scarecrowoven. Printed with archival inks on cold press water color paper, signed and numbered edition of 50. 18x21


Graffiti street art has always been a powerful medium for self-expression, and many artists have ventured into creating horror-inspired pieces to elicit a range of emotions from viewers. Horror in graffiti street art can be seen in various forms, including: Dark Imagery: Artists may utilize dark, eerie, and sometimes grotesque imagery to evoke a sense of horror. This can include haunted houses, ghosts, zombies, or other supernatural beings. Macabre themes: Themes related to death, decay, and the darker aspects of life are often explored in horror-based graffiti art. Skulls, skeletons, and other symbols of mortality can be prominently featured. Surrealism: Surrealistic elements can heighten the sense of unease in horror-themed graffiti. The artist might create distorted, dreamlike, or nightmarish scenes to disorient and unsettle the viewer. Pop culture references: Graffiti artists may incorporate well-known horror characters, such as Pennywise from "It" or Freddy Krueger from "A Nightmare on Elm Street," into their works. This creates a familiar yet unsettling atmosphere. Psychological horror: Some artists may opt for a more subtle approach, using symbolic imagery or metaphorical representations to evoke a sense of dread or anxiety rather than outright terror. Urban legends and folklore: Artists can tap into the rich history of urban legends and folklore to create chilling scenes that capture the imagination of passersby. Social commentary: Horror-based graffiti can be a means of exploring and critiquing societal issues, such as violence, poverty, or political oppression. These pieces can serve as powerful statements that provoke thought and discussion. Horror in graffiti street art allows artists to express their creativity while engaging with their audience on a visceral level. The combination of public space and unsettling imagery can make these works memorable and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.
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