Hand-Embellished/ HPM

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Hand-Embellished/ HPM

Hand-Embellished/ HPM - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Hand-embellished prints in graffiti street art are limited edition art pieces created by artists who combine the world of printmaking with graffiti or street art aesthetics. These prints are individually customized with unique elements added by the artist, making each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art. The hand-embellishment process involves adding paint, ink, or other materials to a base print, enhancing its visual appeal and artistic value. There are several reasons why artists create hand-embellished prints: Uniqueness: Hand-embellishing allows artists to create one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out in the art world. Each print has its individual characteristics, making it unique and desirable for collectors. Accessibility: By producing prints, street artists can make their work more accessible to a wider audience. Hand-embellished prints are generally more affordable than original pieces, allowing more people to own and appreciate the artist's work. Personalization: Artists can add personal touches to each print, giving them a sense of connection with the buyer. This can also increase the artwork's perceived value, as each piece is a direct reflection of the artist's vision and handiwork. Collaboration: Hand-embellished prints can be an opportunity for artists to collaborate, either by working together on a single piece or by contributing their unique styles to a series of prints. Preservation: Street art is often ephemeral, as it can be painted over or removed. Creating hand-embellished prints allows artists to preserve their work in a more permanent medium, ensuring that their artistic expression can be appreciated for years to come. Some well-known street artists who have created hand-embellished prints include Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and D*Face. Their works often feature thought-provoking imagery or commentary on social and political issues, and their hand-embellished prints capture the raw energy and emotion of their original street art. Collectors and fans of graffiti and street art appreciate hand-embellished prints for their unique visual appeal, individuality, and connection to the artist's creative vision. Hand-embellished art is special because in comparison to normal prints, the embellished ones carry the personal touch of the artists themselves, who go over specific areas of the print’s surface and edges in order to enhance them and make the image appear more vivid. This way, the artists achieve a result closer to the original work. After all, hand-embellished works are truly personal works, as this process is done stroke by stroke and, thus, no 2 works are exactly identical.


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