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  • Capone Everybodys Best Friend Art Toy by King Saladeen Capone Everybodys Best Friend Art Toy by King Saladeen

    King Saladeen Capone Everybodys Best Friend Art Toy by King Saladeen

    Capone, Everybody's Best Friend Limited Edition Polyresin Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist King Saladeen. 2021 Signed Limited Edition Sculpture of 150 Box Size 6x9 New In Box Introducing. Capone, Everybody's Best Friend. A new character in JP's World inspired by King Saladeen's life Edition Size: 150 5 Polyresin Designer Sculpture Matte Finish. King Saladeen, a multimedia self-taught artist from West Philadelphia, mixes his love for sports and art in all he does. His vibrant abstract creations have taken the form of sculptures, textiles, jewelry and more. Collectors and fans alike, love his JP MoneyBear character who recurs in his fine art paintings and 3D wood sculpts. King Saladeen introduces for the first time, a new character in JP's World, CAPONE. named for Saladeen's four-legged companion. "Capone was with me in the very beginning of my journey and was with me on those long nights when I had no idea where painting could take me," says the artist. "And he always knew to walk around the canvas when I laid them out to dry. Unfortunately, he passed at a very young age, but his time with me was very important." -King Saladeen Ships April 2022


King Saladeen

King Saladeen (born Raheem Saladeen Johnson in 1986) is a contemporary American artist from West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is best known for his colorful, vibrant, and abstract paintings that combine elements of graffiti, street art, and pop culture. His work often features his signature character, the "Money Bear," which represents financial prosperity and the pursuit of dreams. King Saladeen's artistic journey began as a child, drawing cartoons and exploring graffiti art. He later studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, which further developed his skills and unique style. His passion for art was also influenced by his late best friend, John "JP" Thompson, who was an aspiring artist as well. In memory of Thompson, King Saladeen incorporates the initials "JP" in most of his artwork as a tribute. King Saladeen's work has gained widespread recognition, and he has exhibited in numerous galleries and art fairs around the world. His art has also been featured in various public installations, like the mural he created at the World Trade Center in New York City. In addition to his fine art, King Saladeen has collaborated with several brands and organizations, expanding his influence in the world of fashion, design, and philanthropy.

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