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  • Be Faithful - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Shark Toof Be Faithful Original Spray Paint Mixed Media Painting by Shark Toof

    Purchase Be Faithful Original Painting Spray Paint Aerosol & Acrylic Paint on Reclaimed Wood by Shark Toof graffiti street artist modern pop art. 2014 Signed Orignal Spray Paint Mixed Media Painting Artwork Size 16.25x22  “This new body of work is a blend of my graffiti roots which is where I really developed my own unique voice. At the same time, there’s also an aspect of this work that is just not taking yourself too seriously, kind of vandalizing your own icons,” Shark Toof said while preparing in Detroit. “I like Detroit because it is very do-it-yourself and I am a very do-it-yourself artist so it is a great fit for me.”  -Shark Toof


  • Old Souls Revisited 13 - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Old Souls Revisited 13

    Purchase Old Souls Revisited 13 Original Hand-Painted Multiple on Laser Cut Wood Panel ready to hang by Malt graffiti street artist modern pop art. "Old Souls Revisited was a long, grueling, and challenging project that I would not have any other way. This series was a way to push me, but also be a one-man sweatshop wrapped up in one. Looking at the series now that is completely done, I couldn't be more stoked! When I had the idea for this new series of woodcuts I wanted to do a few different images and sizes from the last series. After getting all the blanks back to the studio and laying them out I was super overwhelmed considering every piece is 100% hand-painted and had to be done individually." - Malt



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