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  • So Hood PP Archival Print by Bask

    Bask So Hood PP Archival Print by Bask

    Purchase So Hood- PP Printers Proof Archival Pigment Fine Art Limited Edition Print on 310gsm Bright White Fine Art Paper by Artist Bask, Street Pop Art Graffiti Legend. Signed & Numbered Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm on Bright White Fine Art Paper Size:    16 x 24 Inches Release:    August 28, 2015 Run of:    50 "This piece was created very late in 2013 and it has many layers. I first processed down panels to get the tiled effect I desired. Then I started to lay down layer of texture which eventually ended with the portrait seen. It was originally made for an event I did at the Saint Petersburg Museum of Art. The show paired 5 artists with 5 locally celebrated chefs to collaborate. The chef was to make a dish inspired by the work. The piece was also made in as part of an on going series of portrait works painted mostly in halftones.  I like working with weather old wood for the unique texture it provides. With this piece I didn't want to use a single piece of wood but several to achieve a wood tile look much like the facade of an abandoned building. People should buy this piece because it hopefully speaks to them in a similar way it spoke to me when I made it. People should also buy the print because prints from 1xRUN are simply put, fucking awesome!" - Bask


  • Trinity Mao PP Giclee Print by David Foox

    David Foox Trinity Mao PP Giclee Print by David Foox

    Purchase Trinity Mao Limited Edition Giclee Print on 330gsm archival cotton paper by David Foox counter-culture street artist art. PP Printers Proof 2011 Signed & Marked PP Limited Edition Artwork Size 5.5x12.5 "The three-headed Mao represents the mental dictatorship of the different faculties of human perception. The two third eyes on the left and right represent both the left (logic and reason) and the right (creativity and emotionality) as well as the negative and positive effects of the duality of the pineal gland i.e. the mind's ability to endow inanimate objects or ideas with spiritual value. The third and center Mao head represents the objective self and the pineal gland is represented by the tetragrametron which signifies the god consciousness, and the infinite unchanging laws of mathematics, chemistry, and physics. The rabbit represents the animalistic forces of nature that embue the constellations with life, and the pyramid represents the human urge to transform matter into a perfect form." - by Liam McMullan on behalf of artist David Foox (FOOX)


  • Third Rail PP Serigraph Print by Risk Rock

    Risk Rock Third Rail PP Serigraph Print by Risk Rock

    Purchase Third Rail PP Printers Proof Limited Edition Hand Pulled 7-Color Serigraph Print on 320gsm Fine Art Paper by Graffiti Pop Artist Risk Rock. PP Printers Proof 2015 Signed Limited Edition Artwork Size 24x24 Third Rail, 2015 Serigraph in colors on Coventry Rag Fine Art paper 24 x 24 inches (61 x 61 cm) (sheet) P.P. (aside from an edition of 50) Signed, numbered, and dated in pencil along lower edge. 7-Color Serigraph on 320gsm Fine Art Paper Size:    24 x 24 Inches Release:    May 10, 2015 Run of:  50. This edition was originally sold with Risk's monograph Old Habits Die Hard. The book narrates Risk’s role as one of the pioneers of graffiti in Los Angeles and his aim to not only push the boundaries of his own art but also help elevate the graffiti movement to worldwide recognition.   "Third Rail" by the celebrated graffiti pop artist Risk Rock is a striking embodiment of the vibrancy and subversive energy that define street art. Released on May 10, 2015, as a limited edition hand-pulled serigraph print, it encapsulates the artist's reputation for pushing visual boundaries. Each of the prints from this exclusive release is presented on premium 320gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art paper, with the dimensions of each sheet measuring 24 x 24 inches. This specific print, marked as a Printer's Proof (P.P.), stands apart from the main edition limited to 50, making it even more unique and sought after by collectors. Emphasized by a vivid seven-color palette, the serigraph method employed by Risk enhances the piece's textural depth and chromatic intensity, celebrating the graffiti art form's intrinsic link to urban culture. The artwork is not only signed by the artist but also numbered and dated along its lower edge, verifying its authenticity and connecting it directly to its creator's storied career. The image itself, a devilish, grinning face set against a backdrop of psychedelic colors and shapes, exudes the rebellious spirit inherent to the graffiti movement. This edition holds special significance as it was originally sold with Risk's monograph, "Old Habits Die Hard." The publication dives into Risk's influential role as one of the progenitors of the Los Angeles graffiti scene. His work and leadership helped catapult street art from its underground roots to a significant movement recognized worldwide. The monograph details Risk’s journey as an artist and his dedication to advancing not only his artistic expressions but also to contributing to the broader acceptance and appreciation of graffiti as a legitimate and powerful art form. Risk Rock's "Third Rail" stands as a potent representation of this transformative era in art, symbolizing the transition of graffiti from street corners to fine art galleries, and securing Risk’s legacy within the cultural tapestry of pop art, street art, and graffiti.


  • Shell Archival Print by Cey Adams

    Cey Adams Shell Archival Print by Cey Adams

    Purchase Shell Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on 310gsm Fine Art Paper by Cey Adams Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. PP Printers Proof Signed & Marked PP Limited Edition Artwork Size 18x18 Shell Archival Print by Cey Adams "The whole idea behind my Trusted Brands series was that I wanted to revisit many of the iconic logos of my youth. As a way of reconnecting to those things that were familiar. These pieces are mostly made of handmade fiber papers from India and Nepal. I wanted to do something that rivaled my friends that use spray paint and connect with my graffiti roots, but I didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing. I thought it would be interesting to challenge myself to use a medium that I have never used before, and collage really spoke to me." - Cey Adams


  • Girl's Dream PP Silkscreen Print by Bezt- Etam Cru

    Bezt- Etam Cru Girl's Dream PP Silkscreen Print by Bezt- Etam Cru

    Purchase Girl's Dream PP Printers Proof Silkscreen Print by Bezt- Etam Cru Artist Proof Hand-Pulled 7-Color Screen Print on Deckled Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Artwork & Graffiti. PP Printers Proof 2015 Signed & Marked PP Limited Edition Run Hand Deckled Artwork Size 21.25x29.5 Girl's Dream PP: A Visionary Silkscreen by Bezt of Etam Cru Girl's Dream PP, a Printer's Proof silkscreen print by Bezt of Etam Cru, emerges as a striking illustration of the intersection between Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork and the meticulous craft of screen printing. Released in 2015, this limited edition artwork is noted for its hand-pulled, 7-color process on deckled Coventry Rag fine art paper, offering a tangible texture that is both visually and tactilely engaging. The artwork, sized 21.25x29.5 inches, features a hauntingly dreamlike vista emblematic of Bezt's narrative-driven approach to art. Signature and Symbolism in Best's Work Signing and marking a Printer's Proof, as seen in Girl's Dream PP, signifies a high level of craftsmanship and the artist's direct involvement in the printmaking process. Being a PP, this print represents one of the rarest forms of a silkscreen, typically reserved for the printer's archive. Bezt's signature authenticates the piece and personally connects the artist to the collector, elevating the print's value within the Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork community. Craftsmanship in Silkscreen Printing The silkscreen technique employed in Girl's Dream PP is a testament to Bezt's dedication to craftsmanship. The seven-color process requires precise layering and a deep understanding of color interaction to achieve the final image's depth and luminosity. The choice of Coventry Rag paper, known for its durability and rich texture, further underscores the artwork's quality and the artist's commitment to preserving the integrity of the visual narrative through superior materials. Imagery and Interpretation in Girl's Dream Bezt's Girl's Dream PP is replete with symbolism, featuring a central figure enveloped by scenes that evoke a sense of layered storytelling. The ethereal quality of the image invites interpretation, allowing viewers to delve into a narrative that straddles the line between the conscious and the subconscious. This piece illustrates Bezt's ability to capture complex emotional states and translate them into a visual language that resonates within the Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork genres. Limited Edition and Collectibility The limited edition nature of Girl's Dream PP makes it a sought-after piece for collectors, Street Pop Art, and graffiti Artwork enthusiasts. The hand-deckled edges of the print add an element of bespoke uniqueness, ensuring that no two prints are exactly alike. As street art continues to flourish in the art market, limited editions such as this one gain significance, both as works of art and as investment pieces with the potential to appreciate over time. bezt's Influence on Contemporary Art Bezt's influence on contemporary art is amplified through works like Girl's Dream PP, which blur the boundaries between traditional printmaking and modern street art aesthetics. His contributions to the genre have helped redefine public perceptions of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork, positioning it as a vital and sophisticated art form. The continued interest in Bezt's prints, minimal editions such as this Printer's Proof, underscores his artistic vision's enduring appeal and relevance.


  • Outlandos D' Amour Gold Blue PP Silkscreen Print by Prefab77

    Prefab77 Outlandos D' Amour Gold Blue PP Silkscreen Print by Prefab77

    Purchase Outlandos D' Amour- Gold Blue PP Printers Proof 8-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on Gold Treasury Paper by Prefab77 Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist. PP Printers Proof 8 color screenprint on gold treasury paper  signed by the artist’s  58.5 x 83.5cm  2015


  • Pretence Sand PP Silkscreen Print by MAD

    Mad Pretence Sand PP Silkscreen Print by MAD

    Purchase Pretence- Sand PP 3-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper by Mad Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist. PP Printers Proof 2015 Signed Limited Edition Artwork Size 19.68x27.55 3 Colour Screen Print On 300 Gsm Paper  Signed And Numbered By The Artist  Printers Proof  70 X 50 Cm  2015


PP Printer Proof Graffiti Street Pop Artwork & Prints

Essence of PP Printer Proof Fine Art in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork

In street pop art and graffiti artwork, the notion of PP printer-proof artworks and prints holds a particular significance. These proofs are part of the traditional printmaking process, offering insight into the meticulous craft behind the creation of limited-edition prints. A Printer's Proof (PP) is a select print aside from the numbered series, typically reserved for the printer's use. Unlike the standard edition prints produced for sale, PP prints symbolize collaboration and quality control, reflecting the close relationship between the artist and the printer. These Printer Proofs are often identical to the main edition in quality and design but carry a distinct marking – 'PP' – that signifies their status. In the context of street pop art and graffiti artwork, PP prints take on an added layer of importance. Street art, with its roots in rebellion and public accessibility, often exists in fleeting states, vulnerable to the elements and the changing urban landscape. The transition of these artworks from walls and public spaces into PP prints allows for preserving and disseminating what is an inherently ephemeral art form.

PP Print Fine Art: Bridging the Street and the Collector's World

The role of PP prints in bridging street art with the world of collectors and galleries cannot be understated. While spontaneity and public accessibility often characterize street art, PP prints introduce an element of exclusivity and permanence. Collectors prize these proofs for their rarity and the personal touch they represent, often directly linked to the artist's and printer's collaborative efforts. As street art continues to gain recognition within the fine art world, PP prints have become a coveted artifact for those who wish to own a piece of this vibrant and transformative movement. The creation of PP Fine Art prints also reflects the evolving dynamic between the artist and the commercial aspects of art production. While street artists may begin their work without the intention of sale, the demand for their art can lead to the creation of limited edition prints. As part of this process, PP prints maintain the spirit of the original work while adapting to the realities of the art market. For artists, these proofs can serve as a means to sustain their practice, allowing them to continue creating freely in the public domain.

Cultural Impact and Value of Printer Proofs in Art

The cultural impact of PP Printer Proof Fine Art artworks and prints is deeply intertwined with their value in the art market. As tangible representations of street pop art and graffiti artwork, these prints carry the essence of the street into private collections and institutions. They provide a narrative beyond the visual; each proof is a story of creation, collaboration, and transition from one world to another. In many ways, they capture the zeitgeist of urban life and the ongoing dialogue between artists and their environments. Furthermore, the value of PP prints extends to their role in documenting the history of street art. As street art gains historical significance, PP prints preserve this history for future generations. They are archival evidence of an artist's work at a particular moment, offering a window into the artistic process and the social contexts from which these works emerge. In essence, PP printer-proof artworks and prints are crucial sin the ecosystem of street pop art and graffiti artwork. They represent a unique fusion of artistic expression, technical skill, and the transformation of public art into a form that can be held, collected, and treasured. These proofs are not mere copies but are respected as original works in their own right, embodying the authenticity, cultural resonance, and the shared journey of artists and printers alike.
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