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  • Pushead #5 100% & 400% Be@rbrick - Sprayed Paint Art Collection Pushead #5 100% & 400% Be@rbrick - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Pushead Pushead #5 100% & 400% Be@rbrick Art by Medicom Toy

    Pushead #5 100% & 400% BE@RBRICK Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Urban Collectable Art Figures 2020 Out of Print Displayed with Box. A remarkable fusion of urban contemporary art and collectible design, the Pushead #5 BE@RBRICK is a testament to the ever-evolving pop and street art world. Crafted meticulously in 2020, this limited edition vinyl art toy showcases the genius of design and innovation, capturing the essence of modern artistry in a tangible form. Comprising 100% and 400% sizes, this BE@RBRICK set captivates onlookers with its intricate patterns, blending shades of blues and whites, invoking a sense of depth and movement. These swirling designs, reminiscent of street art's unpredictability and graffiti's raw energy, bring the figure to life, making it more than just a collectible piece of art that narrates a story. The brainchild of Pushead, a renowned name in art and design, this vinyl figure reflects the artist's unique vision and distinctive style. Pushead's reputation in the art world lends this creation an added layer of authenticity and prestige. Adding to its exclusivity is its limited availability, making it a coveted piece for collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Though no longer in production, the Pushead #5 BE@RBRICK continues to command attention, especially when displayed with its original box. This serves as a protective casing and accentuates its value as a collectible. This creation stands tall in the vast world of urban art figures, exemplifying the perfect blend of artistry, design, and collectibility.



rian Schroeder, better known as Pushead, is an American artist, designer, and musician known for his intricate and dark artwork. Born in 1961, Pushead first gained recognition in the 1980s with his work for the punk and heavy metal music scenes. He has created album covers, posters, and merchandise designs for various bands, including Metallica, The Misfits, and Sepultura. Pushead is also the founder of the independent record label Pusmort Records. His artwork is characterized by a distinct style that often features gruesome, surreal, and macabre imagery with intricate line work and heavy use of black ink. Pushead's art has become iconic within the punk and metal scenes and is now highly sought after by collectors. In addition to his work as an artist, Pushead has also been involved in the world of skateboarding, designing skateboard decks and collaborating with companies like Zorlac Skateboards and later on, with Nike SB for limited-edition sneakers featuring his artwork. As a musician, Pushead was a member of the punk rock band Septic Death, where he served as the vocalist and lyricist. Septic Death was active during the 1980s and released several records, with Pushead contributing to the band's artwork as well.

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