Royyal Dog- Chris Chanyang Shim

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 Royyal Dog- Chris Chanyang Shim

Chris Chanyang Shim, also known as Royyal Dog, is a South Korean street artist and muralist known for his vibrant and photorealistic portraits. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he started his career as a graffiti artist, but his talent quickly evolved into creating stunning large-scale murals that celebrate culture and identity. Royyal Dog's work often features portraits of women from diverse cultural backgrounds, particularly African and Asian women, adorned with traditional clothing and accessories. By incorporating elements from various cultures, he aims to break down stereotypes, promote understanding, and celebrate the beauty of different ethnicities. His distinctive style combines photorealism with a touch of graffiti, characterized by bright colors and intricate details. Royyal Dog's murals can be found in various locations around the world, including cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Seoul. In recent years, he has garnered attention from international art communities and has been involved in various art festivals and exhibitions. With his unique approach and meaningful subject matter, Royyal Dog has become a prominent figure in the world of street art and contemporary muralism.

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