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  • Special Offer - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Ben Frost Special Offer Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Ben Frost

    Purchase Special Offer Company of Thieves Original Painting Spray Paint, Acrylic and Mixed Media On Wood Panel by Ben Frost graffiti street artist modern pop art. Denial and Frost formed an instant friendship since their meeting in Canada in 2011 and have been creating engaging street and gallery work ever since. "Company of Thieves" sees their collaboration push further, with large and small-scale works that reference Pop Art, Graffiti, and the corporate world they rebel against. Ben Frost is utilizing imagery familiar to western culture in order to make a statement about the culture itself on the basis of consumerism, modern icons, big corporations, etc. Animation characters, pop icons, brand logos, and many more are transformed into vibrant artworks and find their place in galleries. With this in mind, and in the case of Ben Frost, it is futile to try to identify a clear borderline between low and high art. In reality, the artist wants the audience to think on the terms of high or low value and, by extension, what these actually mean. Over the years street artists have managed to establish themselves as respected creators and some of them have even gained international fame, transforming graffiti from a fringe art, aiming sometimes to mark street gangs’ territory, into big business.


  • Enjoy Original - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Denial- Daniel Bombardier Enjoy Original Stencil Spray Paint Painting by Denial- Daniel Bombardier

    Purchase Enjoy Mixed Media On Cradled Wood Panel Original Painting by Denial graffiti street artist modern pop art. Ready To hang. "Recently this piece was not allowed into a show I had wanted it to be in. In Dubai, they have strict rules on obscenity and vulgarity. I had been wanting to paint this piece for a long time and was looking for just the right image to use as a base in it. I finally found it amongst the bowels of the internet. This painting is a visualization of an amazing Bill Hicks joke from his stand-up routine. In his stand up Bill goes into great detail about the evils of advertising when left unchallenged and unchecked. He imagines and describes an ad in the not-so-distant future that one day may exist. This painting is of that ad. Bill Hicks was a fucking genius and I only hope I did his work the justice it deserves. He was so inspirational in forming my current mindset, a true artist and rebel. I take inspiration from different artists in different ways. I like to visualize things like songs or speech or comedy and play with the different elements I come up with. I have a very playful mind." - Denial Denial has evolved as one the most prominent figures of contemporary pop artists, who nonetheless, continue to stay relevant and is interested in generating thought-provoking commentary. He has a long history of exploring the boundaries of appropriation, which he uses as a means of subverting the value of cultural products, imprinted in the collective memory of the Western civilization. His work, in other words, is inviting the viewer to re-imagine our dystopian society as a way of confronting it, with humor and irony as the biggest tools of the artist.


  • Pals- Gray - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Aelhra Pals Gray Original Mixed Media Watercolor Painting by Aelhra

    Purchase Pals- Gray Original Painting Spray Paint Watercolor Mixed Media on Art Paper by Aelhra graffiti street artist modern pop art. 2014 Signed Original Mixed Media Spray Paint Watercolor Artwork Size 15x22


  • Be Faithful - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Shark Toof Be Faithful Original Spray Paint Mixed Media Painting by Shark Toof

    Purchase Be Faithful Original Painting Spray Paint Aerosol & Acrylic Paint on Reclaimed Wood by Shark Toof graffiti street artist modern pop art. 2014 Signed Orignal Spray Paint Mixed Media Painting Artwork Size 16.25x22  “This new body of work is a blend of my graffiti roots which is where I really developed my own unique voice. At the same time, there’s also an aspect of this work that is just not taking yourself too seriously, kind of vandalizing your own icons,” Shark Toof said while preparing in Detroit. “I like Detroit because it is very do-it-yourself and I am a very do-it-yourself artist so it is a great fit for me.”  -Shark Toof


  • Lust/Passion - Sprayed Paint Art Collection


    Purchase Lust/Passion Original One of a Kind Oil Painting Artwork on Stretched Canvas by Street Graffiti Artist Sinhawk. 2008 Signed Oil on Canvas Size 12x9


  • Bound - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Bound Original Mixed Media Watercolor Painting by Aelhra

    Purchase Bound Original Painting Spray Paint Watercolor Mixed Media on Art Paper by Aelhra graffiti street artist modern pop art. 2013 Signed Original Mixed Media Spray Paint Watercolor Artwork Size 15x22



Purchase Sex Print Street Pop Art & Sex Graffiti Artwork From Urban, Modern Contemporary Artists.


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