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Shoeuzi sculptures are unique, limited edition art pieces created by the New Zealand-based artist J-Ldn (also known as James Lavelle). These sculptures merge the worlds of sneakers and firearms, creating thought-provoking and visually striking works of art. J-Ldn's Shoeuzi sculptures are inspired by the Uzi submachine gun, but instead of being deadly weapons, they resemble popular sneaker designs. Each Shoeuzi sculpture is typically made from high-quality materials like resin or vinyl and features intricate details and patterns to mimic the look of iconic sneakers. Some of the most famous designs include those inspired by the Nike Air Jordan, Adidas Yeezy, and other popular sneaker brands. The sculptures are often released in limited editions, making them sought-after collectibles for both sneaker enthusiasts and art collectors. J-Ldn's Shoeuzi sculptures have gained a significant following, and the artist frequently collaborates with other well-known artists, brands, and celebrities. The unique fusion of streetwear, sneaker culture, and contemporary art in these sculptures has made them a popular and distinctive addition to the art world. Shoeuzis are what you’d call “art toys”. They are artworks in the sense that they are the result of a creative process, yet they are playful and fun enough to also be considered toys –not functioning firearms-. J LDN’s Shoeuzis sell out as soon as they are released, something indicative of their potential collective value.  These pieces, just like spray cans, skateboards and other sports goods, are proof that today’s street art culture has opened up to the use of peculiar means and media. 

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