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  • Obsidian 02 Huntress Stereograph Print by Justin Anville

    Obsidian 02 Huntress Stereograph Print by Justin Anville

    Purchase Obsidian 02- Huntress 4-Color Limited Edition Stereograph Print on Fine Art Paper by Justin Anville Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist. Obsidian 02 - 'Huntress': A moment of respite after a long hunting trip with her dobermans. Incredible how a glass of wine calms down her nerves. The wind was fierce and unrelenting, how amazingly calm to be in her late fathers study.  4 color serigraph - 16 x 20 inch - on smooth natural stock  Regular colorway in a limited edition of: 75  Signed and numbered by the artist


Stereographs, which are a pair of two-dimensional images that, when viewed together, create an illusion of depth, can be an interesting and innovative topic for graffiti street pop art. Graffiti, as a form of urban art, has always been about pushing boundaries and exploring new themes and techniques. Incorporating stereographs into graffiti street pop art can create a unique and captivating visual experience for the viewers. Here are some ways to approach stereographs as a topic in graffiti street pop art: Anaglyphs: Create anaglyphs by using two images, one in red and one in cyan or blue, which are slightly offset from each other. When viewed through red-cyan 3D glasses, the images appear as a single three-dimensional image. Graffiti artists can use spray paints or other materials to create these anaglyphs on walls or other surfaces in the urban environment. Wheatpaste posters: Print out two slightly offset images and paste them side by side on a wall or another surface. Viewers can use the "cross-eye" method or a stereoscope to see the 3D effect. These can be used to create an interactive experience, encouraging viewers to engage with the art to experience the full effect. Optical illusions: Play with optical illusions by painting two images on a wall or another surface that blend together when viewed from a specific angle, creating a three-dimensional effect. This technique requires skill and precision, but can create a surprising and mesmerizing effect for viewers. Augmented reality: Utilize technology like smartphones and augmented reality apps to overlay digital stereographic images onto physical graffiti pieces. This can create a unique interactive experience for viewers, who can use their devices to see the 3D effect. Collaboration: Encourage collaboration between graffiti artists and stereographic photographers or designers. By working together, they can create a unique fusion of their respective styles and techniques, resulting in a fresh and innovative approach to graffiti street pop art. Incorporating stereographs into graffiti street pop art can not only expand the boundaries of traditional graffiti but also create a more immersive and interactive experience for viewers. This innovative fusion of techniques can lead to new forms of artistic expression and provide a fresh take on urban art.
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