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  • ComplexCon x Dobtopus Skateboard Deck Set by Takashi Murakami TM/KK

    Takashi Murakami TM/KK ComplexCon x Dobtopus Skateboard Deck Set by Takashi Murakami TM/KK

    Purchase ComplexCon x Dobtopus Octopus Deck Set Fine Art Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Transfer on Natural Skateboard Deck by Street Artwork Graffiti Artist Takashi Murakami TM/KK. 2017 Set of 3. Released at ComplexCon in 2017, the Takashi Murakami Octopus Skate Deck Set features Murakami's well-known Octopus motif in a 3-deck set, which forms one cohesive image when displayed side by side. This deck set was released on November 4th, 2017.


  • ComplexCon x Mutated Skateboard Deck Set by Takashi Murakami TM/KK

    Takashi Murakami TM/KK ComplexCon x Mutated Skateboard Deck Set by Takashi Murakami TM/KK

    Purchase ComplexCon x Mutated Deck Set Fine Art Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Transfer on Natural Skateboard Deck by Street Artwork Graffiti Artist Takashi Murakami TM/KK. 2019 Printed Limited Edition Skateboard Art Deck Artwork Set of 3 Takashi Murakami, renowned for his vibrant and psychedelic oeuvre that traverses fine art and pop culture, unveiled a collectible skateboard deck set at ComplexCon 2019, further cementing his legacy within the urban art scene. The collaboration, dubbed the Takashi Murakami x ComplexCon Mutated Skateboard Deck Set, is a trifecta of visual ecstasy, encompassing the artist's signature motifs – his whimsical bear character, the vibrant flowers, and the mythical mushrooms, all rendered in a kaleidoscope of colors that dance across the decks with a life of their own. These limited edition skateboard decks are not merely functional items but stand as a testament to Murakami's artistic vision, where street pop art and contemporary graffiti converge. Each deck is a canvas that encapsulates Murakami's distinctive synthesis of traditional Japanese techniques with post-war Japanese culture and modern anime and manga influences. The result is a striking visual narrative that is both familiar and fantastical, a vibrant pastiche of past and present, East and West, art and commerce. Released on November 2nd, 2019, as a limited edition set, these decks were produced using an archival pigment print transfer process that ensures the longevity of the colors and the intricate details of Murakami's designs. The precision of this technique highlights the artist's commitment to quality and his understanding of the skateboard's dual identity as a tool for sport and a piece of collectible art. Murakami's artistry is evident in the joyous yet complex expressions of the characters adorning the decks. The mutated bear, a recurring character in his works, is depicted with a vitality that belies the meticulousness of the art form. The flowers and mushrooms, bursting with colors, serve as a symbolic lexicon through which Murakami explores themes of life and identity. Each element is meticulously placed, creating an energetic dialogue between the characters and the viewer. These skateboard decks are emblematic of ComplexCon's mission to be a catalyst for creative collaboration and innovation. They embody the event's spirit, where art is not confined to galleries but is a part of the everyday streetscape. Collectors and skateboarding aficionados vie for these pieces, which are valuable objects and of acultural phenomenon where street art meets pop culture and functionality meets high art. Takashi Murakami's collaboration with ComplexCon represents a significant moment in the timeline of street pop art and graffiti artwork. It reflects a cultural zeitgeist that venerates the fluidity between art forms and the demolition of barriers between 'high' art and commercial art. The Mutated Skateboard Deck Set is a vibrant example of this synergy, a set of objects that are a mode of transportation, a medium for artists, and a conduit for collectors to engage with art in new and exciting ways.


Takashi Murakami TM/KK> Pop Artist Graffiti Street Artworks

Takashi Murakami TM/KK Formative Years and Artistic Development

Takashi Murakami, born on February 1, 1962, in Tokyo, Japan, is a contemporary artist who has significantly impacted the world of pop art, street art, and graffiti artwork. His work spans fine arts and commercial media and is noted for its blurring of high and low arts. As a prominent figure in the Japanese artistic tradition and postwar Japanese culture, Murakami has forged a unique path in the global art scene. From an early age, Murakami was drawn to anime and manga, greatly influencing his artistic style. He initially aspired to work in animation and attended the Tokyo University of the Arts to develop his drafting skills. However, he eventually majored in Nihonga, a traditional style of Japanese painting. Despite earning his master's degree and a Ph.D. in Nihonga, Murakami became disillusioned with its insular world and shifted towards more contemporary styles and media. Murakami's time in New York City in 1994, under the Asian Cultural Council's fellowship, was pivotal in shaping his artistic practice. Exposed to Western contemporary artists like Anselm Kiefer and Jeff Koons, he began developing the core concepts of his practice, leading to regular exhibitions in prominent galleries across Europe and America​.

Superflat: A Pioneering Movement

Murakami's "Superflat" theory, introduced in 2000, posits a continuation of flat, 2-dimensional imagery from Japanese art history in manga and anime. This style is differentiated from the Western approach by emphasizing the surface and using flat planes of color. Superflat also serves as a commentary on postwar Japanese society. Murakami argues that social class and popular taste have 'flattened,' leading to a culture with little distinction between 'high' and 'low.' This concept led to his Neo-Pop art form, which obliterates the line between pop culture and high art, paralleling Andy Warhol's approach but with a distinctly Japanese twist.

Takashi Murakami TM/KK Cultural and Commercial Intersections

Murakami's Hiropon Factory, launched in 1996 and later incorporated as Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd., illustrates his embrace of the atelier system standard in Japanese painting, printmaking, sculpture, and anime and manga enterprises. This approach enabled him to work on a larger scale and in diverse media. His collaborations with fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and musicians like Kanye West highlight his ability to merge art with commercial branding, thus challenging traditional boundaries between art forms. Murakami's work is deeply critical of Western intervention, particularly the U.S.'s impact on Japan's post-WWII culture. His creations are often seen as a subtle critique of Japan's obsession with cuteness and innocence juxtaposed with elements of violence and fetish, which he attributes to U.S. cultural influences​​​.

Takashi Murakami TM/KK Global Recognition and Influence

Murakami's early works, which reflect the complex relationship between Japan and the U.S. post-WWII, demonstrate a playful style with a cynical undertone. His journey to international acclaim began in the mid-1990s following his participation in New York's P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center's International Studio Program. This period marked a shift in his career, where he began to re-engage with his Japanese identity and integrate it more profoundly into his art. His signature character, Mr. DOB, emerged during this time, symbolizing the artist's critique and parody of contemporary culture. Murakami's collaborations extend across various industries, including fashion, music, and urban development. His projects with Vans, Virgil Abloh, Billie Eilish, J Balvin, and Supreme showcase his art's versatility and widespread appeal​​​​​​​​.

Takashi Murakami TM/KK Legacy and Artistic Significance

Takashi Murakami's career represents a unique blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern pop culture, profoundly impacting contemporary art. While commercially successful, his work carries a depth of cultural critique and a bold confrontation of the interplay between art and commerce. Murakami's contributions have redefined the boundaries of art and provided a critical lens through which to view the effects of globalization and cultural exchange. Murakami's diverse body of work, his innovative approach to merging high and low art forms, and his critique of contemporary culture make him a significant figure in the world of Street Pop.
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