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Pop Graff> Origineel schilderij van Sen2

Artist: SenXNUMX
Afmetingen: 36.00in x 12.00in
Onderwerpen: graffiti , label

Prijs: $ 3,250.00

Koop Pop Graff origineel schilderij acryl, Spray Paint Mixed Media op canvas Gallery Wrap door Sen2 graffiti straatartiest moderne popart.

"Having developed my style over the course of thirty years, I often use vibrant colors and funky lettering to capture the viewer's attention in an instant. While my graffiti is generally limited to the street, I decided to showcase three original canvases exclusively for XNUMXxRUN.As an artist, I have deep and passionate respect for the forefathers of the Pop Art Movement. Some of my greatest influence has come from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. They planted the seeds in the latter part of the XNUMXth century which changed people's perception of art. It's remarkable when a handful of individuals can spawn a revolution that will continue for many years to come, well into the XNUMXst century. They created a paradigm shift in how art was to be interpreted and became the legendary masters." - SenXNUMX

Kleur Geel
Kleur Oranje
Kleur Roze
omlijsting Gallery Wrap
Media Acryl
Media Gemengde media
Media Spuitverf
Midden Canvas print
Originele kunst Origineel schilderij
Jaar 2015
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