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  • Serve the Court Giclee Print by Marwan Shahin

    Marwan Shahin Serve the Court Giclee Print by Marwan Shahin

    Serve the Court Artwork Giclee Limited Edition Print on Etching Rag Paper by Pop Culture Graffiti Artist Marwan Shahin. First release from Marwan Shahin's Athletic Pharaohs series, one of the popular works debuted at his second solo exhibition "APEX MIRAGE" 2020 in Hollywood California. "Serve The Court” 2020 24"x36" Giclée print on Etching Rag Each print is Signed, Numbered & Branded Limited Edition of 20


  • Could We Be Love Silkscreen Print by Mr Brainwash- Thierry Guetta

    Mr Brainwash- Thierry Guetta Could We Be Love Silkscreen Print by Mr Brainwash- Thierry Guetta

    Love Above All Silkscreen Print by Mr Brainwash- Thierry Guetta Hand-Pulled on Deckled Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Screenprint Artwork. 2024 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 79 Limited Edition Artwork Size 30x36 Silkscreen Print of Reggae Musician Bob Marley. Capturing the Rhythms of Reggae in Silkscreen The resonance of reggae music, with its rich cultural history and messages of love and unity, has found a place in the world of Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork through the artistic vision of Thierry Guetta, known widely as Mr. Brainwash. His "Love Above All" silkscreen print series includes a hand-pulled piece on deckled fine art paper that celebrates the iconic reggae musician Bob Marley. This legend continues to inspire beyond the realm of music into visual art. The 2024 release, a limited edition of 79, embodies the spirit of Marley in a 30x36-inch silkscreen print that merges the visual and auditory, capturing the essence of reggae in a symphony of color and texture. Thierry Guetta's Artistic Homage to Bob Marley Thierry Guetta, hailing from France and making waves in the United States, has become a stalwart in the Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork movement. His work often reflects a profound respect for cultural figures who have influenced society meaningfully. The "Love Above All" print featuring Bob Marley is an artistic accolade, presenting the musician in a thought-provoking, respectful, and transformative stance. Each print is not merely a representation but a conversation between the artist and the subject, between the viewer and the viewed, translating Marley's ethos into a visual form that speaks of his lasting impact on the world. In creating this print, Mr. Brainwash has employed his signature style, which often includes vibrant hues splashed with a deliberate spontaneity akin to how Marley's music flows with natural rhythm and poignant lyrics. The hand-pulled silkscreen technique employed by Guetta ensures that each piece of this limited series bears the individuality and imperfections that are the hallmarks of human creativity. The hand-deckled edges of the fine art paper further the uniqueness of each print, reinforcing that, like humans, no two pieces are exactly alike. Reggae's Influence on Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork Reggae music's powerful influence stretches beyond its Jamaican roots and into the global art community, influencing genres like Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork with themes of resistance, social justice, and love. Mr. Brainwash's silkscreen print is a testament to this influence, harnessing the power of visual art to celebrate and perpetuate the cultural significance of Bob Marley's legacy. In the intricate layers of the print, viewers can sense the rhythm and the call for unity and positivity that are synonymous with Marley's music. Moreover, the artwork becomes a beacon within the street art community, showcasing how the walls that once divided musical expression from visual art are now channels of communication and celebration. It also emphasizes the enduring relevance of Marley's messages and how they resonate within the urban art scene. Mr. Brainwash's decision to encapsulate Marley's image within a silkscreen print, a medium traditionally associated with pop art, demonstrates a conscious blending of artistic disciplines and cultural narratives. Legacy and Continuity in Modern Art Forms The legacy of figures like Bob Marley in modern art forms, especially in Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork, is pivotal in maintaining cultural continuity. Mr. Brainwash's "Love Above All" silkscreen print of Marley is a vibrant reminder of the musician's enduring influence. It stands as a cultural bridge, connecting the heart of reggae with the pulse of street art, allowing a new generation to appreciate Marley's contribution to music and social change. Signed and numbered by Guetta, each print becomes a part of this bridge, a collector's piece that carries the weight of history and the freshness of contemporary art. The limited nature of the edition – only 79 in existence – adds to the desirability of the print, making it a coveted piece for those who appreciate the intersections of music, history, and art. In crafting this homage to Bob Marley, Thierry Guetta, or Mr. Brainwash, has created a visual anthem that celebrates love, life, and freedom – themes that are as central to street art as they were to Marley's music. It is a celebration not just of a musician's life but of the powerful ways art can capture and immortalize the essence of a cultural icon. Through this print, Guetta ensures that Marley's melodies and messages continue to inspire and resonate within the visual tapestry of our lives.


Graffiti art and pop art are two art movements that have gained popularity in recent years. These art movements have been used to express social and political issues, as well as personal stories and experiences. One of the most interesting topics in graffiti art and pop art is Africa. The continent has a rich culture and history that has inspired many artists to create pieces that celebrate its diversity and beauty. Graffiti art is a form of street art that involves painting or drawing on public walls or surfaces. It is often used to express political and social messages, and as a form of protest against authority. Graffiti artists use spray paint, stencils, and other tools to create their art. Pop art, on the other hand, is a movement that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s in the United States and Britain. It uses popular culture, such as advertising and comic books, as inspiration for art. In recent years, graffiti art and pop art have become increasingly popular in Africa. Many artists on the continent have used these art movements to express their own personal experiences, as well as to bring attention to social and political issues affecting their communities. One of the most well-known graffiti artists in Africa is Victor Ash. Born in Portugal, Ash has spent many years living and working in various African countries. His work often explores themes of identity and culture, and he uses a mix of graffiti and pop art techniques to create bold, colorful pieces. In one of his most famous works, he painted a giant astronaut on the side of a building in Johannesburg, South Africa. The piece has become a symbol of hope and progress for the city, which has struggled with poverty and crime in recent years. Another artist who has gained recognition for his graffiti art in Africa is Chifumi. Originally from Zimbabwe, Chifumi is known for his intricate, detailed murals that often incorporate African patterns and symbols. He has painted pieces all over the continent, including in Nigeria, Mozambique, and South Africa. His work often focuses on issues of social justice and human rights, and he uses his art to spark conversation and inspire change. Pop art has also found a home in Africa, with many artists using the movement to create pieces that celebrate African culture and identity. One of the most notable pop artists on the continent is Owusu-Ankomah, who was born in Ghana and now lives and works in Germany. His work is heavily influenced by traditional African symbols and patterns, and he often combines these elements with contemporary pop culture references. Another pop artist who has gained recognition in Africa is Edosa Oguigo. Based in Nigeria, Oguigo uses bright colors and bold patterns to create pieces that celebrate African culture and traditions. His work often incorporates African fabrics and textiles, and he uses these materials to create unique textures and visual effects. Graffiti art and pop art have become important art movements in Africa in recent years. Many artists on the continent are using these movements to express their own personal experiences, as well as to bring attention to social and political issues affecting their communities. From the intricate murals of Chifumi to the bold, colorful pieces of Victor Ash and the pop art of Owusu-Ankomah and Edosa Oguigo, Africa is becoming an increasingly important part of the global art scene. As these artists continue to create and innovate, they are helping to shape the future of graffiti art and pop art in Africa and beyond.

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