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  • La Cage Et Le Cœur De La Bête PP Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Sandra Chevrier La Cage Et Le Cœur De La Bête PP Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Purchase The Cage And The Heart Of The Beast PP Printers Proof Silkscreen Print on Somerset Fine Art Paper by Artist Sandra Chevrier Limited Artwork.   PP Printers Proof 2019 Signed & PP Marked Artwork Size 27x35.5 Sandra Chevrier (b. 1983) La Cage Et Le Coeur De La Bête, 2019 Screenprint in colors on Somerset paper 35-1/2 x 27 inches (90.2 x 68.6 cm) (sheet) PP Signed and numbered in pencil along lower edge Published by Graffiti Prints, United Kingdom


  • La Cage, ici! Giclee Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Sandra Chevrier La Cage, ici! Giclee Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Purchase La Cage, ici! Giclee Print by Sandra Chevrier Artwork Limited Edition Print on 290gsm Coventry Rag Paper Urban Modern Pop Artist. 2016 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 30x24 Doomsday Blue Eyes Lips Red Lips Face Woman Superhero Villain DC Comics Comics Superman Red Tan Brown Sandra Chevrier Giclee 290gsm Coventry Rag Paper #50 Sandra Chevrier, a luminary in the urban modern pop art scene, masterfully captures the essence of contemporary society and pop culture through her artwork. "La Cage, ici!" from 2016 stands as a brilliant testament to her talent and vision. This piece showcases a powerful image of a woman's face, her piercing blue eyes and lustrous red lips serving as focal points. Overlaying her visage are fragments of comic book panels, predominantly featuring iconic characters from DC Comics, such as Superman. The woman's face, partially obscured by the comics, presents a riveting blend of vulnerability and strength, evoking deep reflections on identity, societal expectations, and the archetypal battles between heroes and villains. The artwork is a Giclee print, a method known for its ability to capture the fine details and nuances of the original work. Printed on 290gsm Coventry Rag Paper, the quality of the print ensures longevity and an impeccable finish. The medium's texture complements the artwork's intricate details, amplifying its visual impact. Measuring 30x24 inches, this piece commands attention while remaining versatile enough to fit within various spaces. Adding to its exclusivity, "La Cage, ici!" is limited to just 50 prints, each of which is personally signed and numbered by Sandra Chevrier. Collectors and enthusiasts would undoubtedly recognize the value and significance of such a limited edition. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic world of comics, Chevrier's artwork explores the interplay between societal constraints and the human spirit's indomitable desire for freedom. The choice of the comic book medium, intertwined with the profound expression of the female subject, underscores the universal struggles and triumphs faced by individuals in contemporary society.


  • La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Sandra Chevrier La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Purchase La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier Hand-Pulled 25-Color Brass White Gold Leaf on MEDIUM Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. 2022 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 30 Artwork Size 27.5x27.5 25 Colour Screen Print On 330 Somerset paper bronze, white gold leaf & 24ct gold leaf added. Edition of 30 Signed By The Artist 70 x 70 cm 2022 La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière (Turquoise), 2022 Screenprint in colors on somerset satin paper 27-1/2 x 27-1/2 inches (69.9 x 69.9 cm) (sheet) Ed. 30 Signed and numbered in pencil along lower edge Published by Graffiti Prints, UK La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise is a silkscreen print by contemporary Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier. Sandra is well-known for her mixed-media art, which often combines painting and collage techniques to create striking, large-scale portraits of women. In her "Cages" series, she explores the concept of societal expectations placed upon women, symbolically portraying them as being trapped within cages. The cages are typically represented by superhero comic book imagery, illustrating how women are often expected to be strong and perfect in every aspect of their lives. By incorporating these comic book elements, Chevrier highlights the unrealistic and unattainable expectations that many women face daily. "La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise" is part of this series and features a portrait of a woman with a superhero mask and comic book elements overlaid onto her face. The title translates to "The Cage Between the Shadow and the Turquoise Light," emphasizing the juxtaposition between the darker aspects of societal expectations and the light of personal freedom and expression. As a silkscreen print, this piece is created using a stencil-based printmaking technique. In this method, a stencil (often made of a fine mesh) is used to selectively apply ink onto a surface. The result is a highly detailed, vibrant, and visually striking piece of art that showcases Chevrier's unique artistic style and powerful social commentary.


  • The Beauty of Liberty & Equality Austin Mural Print by Jon Furlong x Shepard Fairey x Sandra Chevrier

    Shepard Fairey- OBEY The Beauty of Liberty & Equality Austin Mural Print by Jon Furlong x Shepard Fairey x Sandra Chevrier

    Purchase The Beauty of Liberty & Equality by Jon Furlong Off Set Lithograph Print Limited Edition Artwork on Fine Art Paper by Shepard Fairey X Sandra Chevrier, an urban graffiti pop street artist. 2020 Signed by Shepard Fairey & Sandra Chevrier & Numbered Limited Edition of 500 Off Set Lithograph Print Artwork Size 18x24 "This historic centennial offers an unparalleled opportunity to commemorate a milestone of democracy and to explore its relevance to the issues of equal rights today. The Women's Vote Centennial Initiative, a collaboration of women-centered institutions, organizations, and scholars from across the US, works to ensure that this anniversary and the 72-year fight to achieve it are commemorated and celebrated throughout the United States." -Shepard Fairey In the vibrant tapestry of street pop art and graffiti artwork, Shepard Fairey and Sandra Chevrier stand out as luminaries, and their collaboration "The Beauty of Liberty & Equality" is a profound testament to their artistic synergy. This limited edition offset lithograph print, captured through the lens of Jon Furlong, is an 18x24 exemplary art paper embodiment of a powerful message. The artwork is a visual celebration of the centennial of women's suffrage, intertwining themes of democracy, liberty, equality, and the ongoing struggle for equal rights. Shepard Fairey, acclaimed for his "OBEY" campaign and his iconic "HOPE" poster from Obama's presidential campaign, has long used his art to provoke thought and instigate political discourse. Sandra Chevrier, known for her captivating "Cages" series, explores the confines of societal expectations and the roles women have been asked to play. Together, they fuse their distinct styles to create a piece that is both an homage to the past and a clarion call for the present. This artwork, signed and numbered in its limited release, offers more than aesthetic pleasure; it is steeped in historical significance, marking the Women's Vote Centennial. It's a vibrant reminder of the 72-year battle for women's suffrage and the continuing fight for equal rights. Fairey's bold, propagandist style intermingles with Chevrier's expressive portraiture, resulting in a mural that is as commanding as it is inspiring. Set against the backdrop of a building facade, this print immortalizes the mural's commanding presence on an urban canvas, reinforcing the power of public art as a medium for social change. The collaboration captures the spirit of the Women's Vote Centennial Initiative and amplifies its mission to celebrate and reflect on a century of progress while acknowledging the road ahead. "The Beauty of Liberty & Equality" stands as a beacon of the transformative power of art, encapsulating the essence of street pop art and its role in shaping and reflecting contemporary culture.


  • La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi Brass Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Sandra Chevrier La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi Brass Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Purchase La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi Brass Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier The Cage and Leap of Faith Hand-Pulled 24-Color on 3mm Corroded Brass Metal Limited Edition Artwork. 2021 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 10 Artwork Size 27.56x38.58 Silkscreen Print. In French, La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi Means "The Cage and Leap of Faith" La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi: A Study in Metal by Sandra Chevrier Sandra Chevrier's "La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi" is a riveting piece that encapsulates the vibrancy of street pop art and graffiti artwork while embodying the ethos of pop art's direct engagement with contemporary culture. This limited-edition artwork, released in 2021, is a testament to Chevrier's distinctive style, which often features layered imagery combining the raw expressiveness of street art with the precision of acceptable art practices. The Artistic Narrative of Sandra Chevrier's Silkscreen Print The piece, whose title translates to "The Cage and Leap of Faith," is a hand-pulled 24-color silkscreen print on 3mm corroded brass metal. Measuring 27.56x38.58 inches, the artwork is a visual spectacle and a conceptual exploration. Chevrier's work is known for using comic book excerpts juxtaposed against realistic depictions of the human form, particularly female faces. The effect is a collage of emotions and cultural references that speak to the internal and external battles of identity and perception. Examining the Techniques and Symbolism in Chevrier's Work Chevrier's technique in this piece is noteworthy, as she employs many colors to bring depth and texture to the surface of the metal, a material that itself connotes both strength and the passage of time—using brass as a canvas adds an element of industrial grit to the work. At the same time, the corrosion process she applies ensures that each piece in the limited edition of ten is unique, echoing the individuality of human experience. The imagery Chevrier chooses is equally significant. The partial faces of women are depicted with a sense of both beauty and melancholy, as the superimposed comic book scenes suggest narratives of struggle, power, and resilience. The "cages" in Chevrier's works are metaphors for the societal expectations and constraints placed upon individuals, particularly women, and the 'leap of faith' represents the courage required to transcend these boundaries. Impact of 'La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi' in Contemporary Art Discourse The release of "La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi" was met with enthusiasm in the art community as collectors and critics alike sought to decipher the layered meanings within Chevrier's work. The limited edition series quickly became a sought-after item for its visual appeal and its contemplative narrative. Chevrier's work bridges the ephemeral nature of street art and the permanence associated with metalwork, creating a dialogue between the transient and the eternal. Cultural Resonance of Sandra Chevrier's Limited Edition Artwork The cultural resonance of Chevrier's "La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi" is amplified by the artwork's engagement with themes of feminism, identity, and liberation. As street pop art and graffiti artwork continue to find their place in the pantheon of recognized art forms, pieces like Chevrier's underscore the relevance of these mediums in addressing poignant social issues. Her work beautifies the space it occupies and prompts introspection and discussion, hallmarks of influential art. In summary, Sandra Chevrier's "La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi" expresses street pop art sensibilities fused with traditional artistic mediums. The use of corroded brass metal as a substrate for the complex silkscreen process exemplifies contemporary art's innovative spirit, and the series's limited edition nature underscores each piece's value. Through her art, Chevrier continues to challenge and inspire, making "La Cage Et 'Acte De Foi" a significant contribution to the narrative of modern art.


Sandra Chevrier

Sandra Chevrier, born in 1983, is a Canadian contemporary artist whose work has taken the world by storm. Primarily known for her stunning mixed-media portraits that blend elements of graffiti with traditional techniques, Chevrier's work explores themes of societal pressure, identity, and the power of resilience. Over the past decade, she has solidified her place as a leading figure in the world of urban art and become a powerful voice for female empowerment. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Chevrier developed a passion for drawing at a young age, which eventually led her to pursue formal studies in visual and media arts at the University of Quebec. In her early career, she experimented with various styles and mediums, ultimately discovering her signature technique that combines detailed graphite and acrylic illustrations with the raw energy of graffiti and street art. Chevrier's most iconic series, "Cages," is a collection of portraits featuring women's faces partially concealed by comic book imagery. The collages, made of actual comic book pages, represent the masks that society forces individuals to wear, the constraints placed on women, and the societal expectations they are pressured to meet. Each portrait in the series is a testament to the strength and resilience of the female spirit, breaking through the confining "cages" to assert their individuality. The artist's choice to incorporate comic book imagery in her work is both visually striking and symbolically significant. Comic book heroes, often portrayed as invincible, represent society's idealized notions of strength and resilience. By juxtaposing these fantastical images with the raw emotion and vulnerability of her subjects, Chevrier challenges the stereotypes and expectations that society places upon women, suggesting that true strength lies in the ability to embrace one's imperfections and vulnerabilities. Chevrier's graffiti influence is apparent in her bold use of color and dynamic compositions. The street art elements in her work lend an air of spontaneity and freedom, contrasting with the meticulous detail of her portraiture. This juxtaposition of styles highlights the duality of the human experience: the struggle between the chaos of the external world and the intricacies of the internal self. Beyond the "Cages" series, Chevrier has produced numerous other works that explore similar themes, utilizing various mediums such as sculpture and installation art. She often incorporates text, either as quotes or handwritten thoughts, to emphasize the power of language and self-expression in shaping one's identity. Sandra Chevrier's work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, garnering significant acclaim and attention. Her thought-provoking pieces have resonated with audiences, and her influence extends beyond the art world, as she has become a symbol of female empowerment and resilience. In addition to her artistic practice, Chevrier is an advocate for women's rights and mental health awareness. She often uses her platform to share her personal struggles and to support organizations dedicated to these causes, reinforcing her commitment to using her voice and talent to make a difference. Sandra Chevrier's unique blend of graffiti and portraiture, along with her powerful messages, make her an unforgettable figure in the contemporary art scene. Her exploration of societal expectations and the human experience continues to captivate audiences and inspire a new generation of artists to break free from the "cages" that confine them.

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