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  • SAMO©…SINCE 1978... Deluxe Collectors Book Set Print by Al Diaz SAMO©…SINCE 1978... Deluxe Collectors Book Set Print by Al Diaz

    Al Diaz SAMO©…SINCE 1978... Deluxe Collectors Book Set Print by Al Diaz

    SAMO©…SINCE 1978... Deluxe Collectors Set Archival Pigment Fine Art Limited Edition Print, Photos, Book & Marker on Fine Art Paper by Modern Pop Street Graffiti Artist Ali Diaz. 2018 Signed & Numbered Al Daiz Portfolio Art Set of Prints, Art Objects, Media & Photographs. The Samo©… Since 1978… Deluxe Collectors Set Includes The Following Items: A signed first-edition book with an exclusive inscription by Al Díaz and Mariah Fox. A signed and numbered archival print measuring 8 x 8 inches is a photograph by Al Díaz from circa 2018. An 11-piece archival print set of vintage SAMO© photography, each measuring 4 x 6 inches, with photographs by Al Díaz, Natalya Maystrenko, and Jane Burrell Yadav from around 1978/79. A signed paint marker that was used to create an original SAMO© piece of art. A hand-screened canvas tote bag, printed on each side, measuring 15 x 20 inches. An enamel cross pin. A sticker pack. A bookmark. A blue marker. A signed Letter of Authenticity. Historical Significance and Composition of the SAMO©…SINCE 1978... Deluxe Collectors Set Released in 2018, this limited edition portfolio by Al Diaz is a comprehensive assembly that includes various items, each rich with the essence of street pop art. A signed first edition book with an exclusive inscription provides insight into the SAMO© tag's inception and evolution, a narrative co-created with Mariah Fox. Accompanying the book is a signed and numbered archival print, an 8 x 8-inch photograph Diaz took, offering a visual narrative that complements the written word. The realm of modern street pop art and graffiti artwork is ever-evolving, often blurring the lines between an art piece and a historical document. The "SAMO©…SINCE 1978..." Deluxe Collectors Set is a prime example of this intersection, offering a tangible connection to the roots of street art as seen through the lens of influential artist Al Diaz. This set is not just an amalgamation of art objects; it's a capsule of cultural heritage that chronicles the rise of one of the most enigmatic tags in the history of graffiti. Further delving into the historical context, the set includes eleven archival prints measuring 4 x 6 inches, featuring vintage SAMO© photography by Al Diaz, Natalya Maystrenko, and Jane Burrell Yadav. These images capture the rawness of the late 1970s and early 1980s in New York, where SAMO© became a recognized symbol of rebellion and artistic freedom. Including a signed paint marker used to create an original SAMO© piece signifies the authenticity of the art-making process, bridging the past with the present. The Artistic and Collectible Value of Al Diaz's Work The Deluxe Collectors Set assembles art objects extending beyond prints and photographs. This eclectic mix includes a hand-screened canvas tote bag, an enamel cross pin, a sticker pack, and a bookmark. Each item is a piece of memorabilia and a slice of the artistic journey that Diaz has embarked upon. Notably, the set has a blue marker and a signed letter of authenticity, sealing its value as a collectible. Al Diaz's contributions to the graffiti art scene are deeply etched into the cultural fabric of urban art. His work, especially the SAMO© tag, co-created with the legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, has become a symbol of street art's DIY ethos and provocative nature. This Deluxe Collectors Set does not merely reflect Diaz's artistic footprint; it serves as a conduit for the stories, the era, and the movement that SAMO© represents. Legacy of the SAMO© Tag The legacy of the SAMO© tag immortalized in this Deluxe Collectors Set is multifaceted. It's a testament to the power of words and images in the public domain, a reminder of street art's transitory yet impactful nature. The tag's cryptic messages once sparked curiosity and dialogue among passersby on New York's streets. Through this set, they continue instigating thought and appreciation among collectors and art enthusiasts. In essence, the "SAMO©…SINCE 1978..." Deluxe Collectors Set by Al Diaz is more than just an item of monetary value; it is an essential piece for anyone interested in the history and evolution of street pop art and graffiti artwork. Through this collection, Diaz cements his place in art history and invites others to explore and understand street art's profound impact on society and culture. As a limited edition of just 25 sets, it holds a unique place in the pantheon of modern art collectibles, embodying the spirit of a time when art took to the streets, challenging conventions and forever changing the face of urban expression.


  • Dulk the Art of Antonio Segura Book by Dulk- Antonio Segura Donat Dulk the Art of Antonio Segura Book by Dulk- Antonio Segura Donat

    Dulk- Antonio Segura Donat Dulk the Art of Antonio Segura Book by Dulk- Antonio Segura Donat

    Dulk- Antonio Segura Donat, the Art of Antonio Segura Art Book by Dulk- Antonio Segura Donat Rare Limited Edition Modern Pop Artworks Reference. 2022 Signed Limited Edition Book Size 9.7x13.4 Number of Pages 248 In Custom Box Brand New in Box Never Opened. "With this project, I would like your support and raise funds to publish my second book, Dulk- Antonio Segura Donat, The Art of Antonio Segura. In this book, I would like to show all the works that I produced from 2017 to 2022, but not only that. Here, you will find the true essence of myself as an artist. My inspiration sources are the photographs of my travels worldwide to live nature firsthand and the creativity and sketching process behind my work until the final artworks. The most complete book until the date where you will find sketches, paintings, sculptures, murals, museum exhibitions, and my biggest, most recent and exciting project, the main "Falla" of Valencia." -Dulk- Antonio Segura Donat Delving into Dulk - Antonio Segura Donat's Artistic Odyssey In modern pop art, street pop art, and graffiti artwork, the publication of 'Dulk - Antonio Segura Donat, The Art of Antonio Segura' is pivotal. This rare limited edition art book, released in 2022, encompasses the profound journey of the artist Dulk, offering a comprehensive view of his works spanning from 2017 to 2022. It is not merely a compilation of artworks but a narrative of artistic evolution, encapsulating the core of Dulk's identity as a creator. This signed limited edition book, measuring an impressive 9.7x13.4 inches and containing 248 pages, is presented in a custom box, symbolizing the treasure trove of visual splendor that lies within. The book is more than a display of finished pieces; it is an invitation to traverse Dulk's creative process. Readers are treated to a rare glimpse of the initial sparks of inspiration drawn from his global travels and direct experiences with nature. These experiences form the bedrock of his vivid, surreal compositions that blend the organic with the fantastical. Each page reveals the meticulous ideation and sketch processes that precede his final pieces, providing an understanding of the intricate planning and deep contemplation involved in his work. The Creative Essence of Dulk - Antonio Segura Donat Within the pages of this comprehensive art book, enthusiasts can delve into the multifaceted world of Dulk. The artist's sketches, often the first step in his creative workflow, showcase the raw talent and imaginative foundation that lead to his complex paintings, sculptures, and murals. These preliminary drawings are a testament to the artist's skill in visual storytelling and his ability to conjure up characters and worlds that are at once enchanting and thought-provoking. Dulk's art is a vibrant tapestry that weaves the threads of street pop art and graffiti artwork with traditional artistic disciplines, creating a unique style that resonates with a broad audience. The book details his contributions to museum exhibitions and offers an in-depth look at his most significant and most ambitious project to date, Valencia's main "Falla." This project, steeped in cultural significance, is a crowning achievement that exemplifies his dedication to and mastery of his craft. The limited edition nature of the book underscores its exclusivity and the value placed on its rich content. Collectors and art lovers will find each page turn is a step deeper into the heart of Dulk's artistic universe of color, emotion, and life. Including the custom box further enhances the collectible nature of the book, ensuring that it is a cherished item for years to come. In this seminal art book, Dulk - Antonio Segura Donat has laid bare the "true essence" of his being as an artist. It is a rare opportunity for readers to immerse themselves in the world of a contemporary master, understanding not just the finished artwork that graces galleries and streets worldwide but also the profound personal and natural influences that shape his creations. From the intimate sketches to the grand murals, each piece is a chapter in the ongoing story of Dulk's exploration and celebration of life through art. This book is more than a visual feast; it embodies one artist's undying passion for creation and a significant contribution to street pop art and graffiti artwork.


  • DELUXE Stay Melty Book by Buff Monster Silkscreen DELUXE Stay Melty Book by Buff Monster Silkscreen

    Buff Monster DELUXE Stay Melty Book by Buff Monster Silkscreen

    DELUXE Stay Melty Book Hand Painted Rare Limited Edition Art Book With Graffiti Street Artist Buff Monster Modern Pop Artworks. 2022 Signed & Numbered Edition of 100. 256 pages, 6.75 x 8.75”, hardcover. Handpainted & HPM Silkscreen Cover, One of A Kind Original Art As Seen In Picture. This special version of the new book features a cover that has been hand-painted by me and then silkscreened by hand. The colors of the paint and the silkscreen vary widely, so each one is truly unique (and will be shipped randomly). It's signed and numbered (in an edition of 100) on the back. Also, each book has a thick durable protective plastic cover and is presented in an elegant black fabric slip-case with metallic silver foil stamp. The first version of the book was published in 2015 by Gingko Press. That book is packed full with over 600 photos of murals, paintings, toys and everything in between. Now over 6 years later, I’ve full updated the book. From the endpapers, to the section dividers, to the content in each section, I’d say it's mostly NEW. Of the existing pages, I consolidated and edited them to make room for 6 more years of paintings, murals and editions. We also added around 30 pages to the total page count. So it’s an even denser and larger overview of all of my various artistic endeavors, and still includes the awesome essay by the legendary Carlo McCormick. This new version also has more captions than before, and even comes with a small sheet of stickers! So whether or not you have the original version, this is one you’ll want to have!


  • 3D Death Curses Volume 1 Book Zine by Scarecrowoven

    Scarecrowoven 3D Death Curses Volume 1 Book Zine by Scarecrowoven

    3D Death Curses Volume 1 Limited Edition Art Comic Book Zine with Real 3D Art by Scarecrowoven. Includes working 3D glasses and 14 pages of art.


  • California Dreams Art Book & Original Drawing by Stanley Mouse California Dreams Art Book & Original Drawing by Stanley Mouse

    Stanley Mouse California Dreams Art Book & Original Drawing by Stanley Mouse

    California Dreams- Book & Original Drawing of Mouse Drawing Person, The Art of Stanley Mouse Hardcover Limited Edition Art Book by Stanley Mouse. 2015 Signed Original hand drawing on the first page in graphite pencil of a mouse-person hybrid drawing a stick figure, Stanley's logo, and his large signature. Drawing measures about 15x10 California Dreams Art Book & Original Drawing by Stanley Mouse is a definitive anthology charting the influential career of Stanley Mouse, a visionary artist whose psychedelic visuals became emblematic of the 1960s cultural revolution. Spanning over five decades, this extensive collection comprises 240 pages of Mouse's diverse and unceasingly inventive portfolio. Mouse gained acclaim for his arresting poster art, album covers, and T-shirt designs that he frequently created in partnership with Alton Kelley during San Francisco's cultural heyday and continued well into the 1970s. His work from this period encapsulates the vibrant ethos, exploratory spirit, and creative freedom of the era's shifting currents. Yet, "California Dreams" goes beyond Mouse's renowned contributions to the counterculture movement. It traces back to his roots in Detroit, where he honed his craft on hot rods and produced original airbrushed shirts and posters featuring fantastical creatures and flamboyant automobiles. His recent ventures into the fine arts are also showcased, revealing arresting landscapes and poignant figure studies that signify a new chapter in his artistic journey. The collection presents previously unpublished works, offering a rare view of the early stages and evolution of Mouse's most celebrated pieces, alongside insights into his archives. This book not only commemorates Mouse's legacy in the visual arts but also celebrates the breadth and depth of his enduring artistic expression. "California Dreams" stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Stanley Mouse, an artist whose work has become a cornerstone of the pop art movement and whose influence can be seen across street pop art and graffiti artwork. This hardcover art book is not only a celebration of Mouse's storied career but also a showcase of his dynamic range as an artist, featuring his iconic illustrations that have captured the California spirit and the broader American imagination. What sets this limited edition book apart is the original hand-drawn illustration by Stanley Mouse himself on the first page. The graphite pencil drawing of a mouse-person hybrid engaged in drawing a stick figure is a whimsical self-reference and a nod to the artist's whimsical and subversive takes on popular culture. The Mouse, a recurring character in Mouse's work, is depicted with human-like features and expressions, adding a personal touch that blurs the lines between artist and artwork. Stanley Mouse's signature style, characterized by its fluid lines and psychedelic overtones, is evident in this drawing, measuring approximately 15x10 inches. His large, distinctive signature anchors the piece, a mark of authenticity and a symbol of his contributions to the art world. The book "California Dreams" and the accompanying original drawing provide a unique insight into the creative process of one of the greats in pop art. It's a collector's piece that captures the essence of an era defined by its boldness, rebellion, and artistic innovation. The legacy of Stanley Mouse continues to inspire street pop art and graffiti artists as they carry forward the torch of creating vibrant, engaging, and deeply connected to the cultural zeitgeist.


  • Lavender Book- Signed Military Deal Stencil Silkscreen Print by Faile Lavender Book- Signed Military Deal Stencil Silkscreen Print by Faile

    Faile Lavender Book- Signed Military Deal Stencil Silkscreen Print by Faile

    Lavender Book- Signed Military Deal Screenprinted Rare Limited Edition Art Book With Graffiti Street Artist FAILE Modern Pop Artworks. 2004 Limited Edition of 50 Screenprinted Cover Books With Sad/Shocked Woman and Stencil Style "Military Deal" Lettering. Signed by FAILE on the back inner cover. New York-based street art collective Faile has asked artists from twelve different countries to create work based on their associations with lavender and has collected them in their fourth thematic and collaborative book. Includes a 17 track CD LAVENDER Greatest Hits! Artists, designers and photographers including Deanne Cheuk, David Ellis, Shepard Fairey and Stefan Sagmeister have contributed work in a palette of white, black and any shade of purple you can imagine. The book features an introduction by zing magazine’s Devon Dikeou, a collection of short stories by Griffin Creech and a music CD. Limited edition printing of 3000 copies Published: Die Gestalten Verlag, 31 Aug 2004 ISBN: 3899550366 140 pp, Hardcover, incl. audio CD.


  • Mono Taxali Signed Art Book by Gary Taxali Mono Taxali Signed Art Book by Gary Taxali

    Gary Taxali Mono Taxali Signed Art Book by Gary Taxali

    Mono Taxali Signed Art Book by Gary Taxali Rare Limited Edition Modern Pop Artworks Reference. 2011 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 200  "Mono Taxali," crafted by artist Gary Taxali, is a bilingual treasure in English and Italian. Spanning 304 pages and measuring 5.9 x 7 x 1.8 inches (or 15 x 18 x 4.5 cm), this exquisite tome showcases 175 illustrations, with 156 rendered in full color. The book is printed in rich four-color on premium natural, laid paper, ensuring each piece resonates with the viewer. Bound in a sturdy hardcover with an elegant French dust jacket, "Mono Taxali" is cataloged under DC 012. It carries the ISBN 978-88-95165-11-0, marking its place in the annals of art publications. Curatorial Mastery and Artistic Insight The art book "Mono Taxali," a signed and numbered limited edition, is a richly curated compendium of Gary Taxali's innovative work in modern pop art. Published in 2011 and limited to 200 copies, the book measures 5.9x7x1.8 inches. It encompasses 304 pages of Taxali's visual narratives, deeply rooted in his Indian-Canadian heritage and showcasing his unique contributions to the art world. Under the meticulous curatorial direction of Franco Cervi, "Mono Taxali" offers readers an intimate look at Taxali's visual language, which seamlessly blends the realms of pop art, street art, and graffiti artwork. The collection within these pages presents a journey through Taxali's artistic evolution, highlighting his distinctive style that marries the whimsical and the satirical in a celebration of color and form. The book's design mirrors the creative flair for which Taxali is celebrated, with each chapter thoughtfully arranged to reflect the depth and breadth of his work. Adding to the book's richness, Seymour Chwast, Steven Heller, and Charles Hively—titans in art and design—offer forewords that provide a contextual framework for Taxali's art. Their perspectives lay the groundwork for an immersive experience in Taxali's imaginative world. Ferruccio Giromin's accompanying texts give a scholarly exploration of Taxali's work, dissecting the layers of meaning and cultural references that define his oeuvre. Cultural Impact and Legacy "Mono Taxali" is not merely a showcase of artistic achievements; it's a vibrant narrative that weaves together the threads of street culture, pop art, and personal identity. Taxali's work, characterized by a playful yet poignant commentary on contemporary life, resonates with the spontaneous energy of street art. In contrast, his skillful use of traditional art techniques anchors his work firmly in the realm of the collectible and the enduring. In the grand tapestry of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork, "Mono Taxali" stands as a significant artifact—a tome that not only encapsulates the visual splendor of Gary Taxali's art but also captures the spirit of an era that celebrates the merging of street sensibilities with high art. This limited edition art book is a must-have for fans and collectors alike, promising a visual delight and a lasting legacy in the chronicles of modern art.


  • 25 Disegni Zine Book by Arrington De Dionyso x Davide Toffolo 25 Disegni Zine Book by Arrington De Dionyso x Davide Toffolo

    Davide Toffolo 25 Disegni Zine Book by Arrington De Dionyso x Davide Toffolo

    25 Disegni Limited Edition art book with graffiti street artist modern pop artworks by Arrington De Dionyso x Davide Toffolo. 2011 Book of art nudes and sex artwork. Paperback, Zooo / Modo Infoshop, Bologna 2011, Made In Italy "A collection of illustrations by Davide Toffolo of the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Arrington De Dionyso of the Old Time Relijun has been released. The result of the meeting of the two cartoonists and musicians is a volume of 50 illustrations that have sex as their theme. The book, "25 drawings", is to be browsed first in one direction and then in the other, until you get to the central page, where the images of the two illustrators merge. The book is a self-production curated by Modo Infoshop Interno 4 of Bologna and Zooo, and can be purchased on the shop of La Tempesta Dischi." -Davide Toffolo Davide Toffolo is an Italian comic book artist, writer, and musician, born on January 31, 1965, in Pordenone, Italy. He is best known for his work as the creator of the graphic novel series "Pasolini," which is a tribute to the late Italian film director and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini. Toffolo's art style is influenced by underground comics, punk rock, and European comic traditions. Aside from his work in comics, Toffolo is also a member of the Italian punk rock band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti (Three Happy Dead Boys), where he is the lead singer and guitarist. The band was formed in the early 1990s and has since released numerous albums and gained a loyal following in Italy. Toffolo's other notable works in comics include "Cannibale," "Carnera," and "5 è il numero perfetto" (5 Is the Perfect Number). He is well-respected in the comics world for his unique style, storytelling, and the often dark themes present in his works.


  • The Art of Luke Chueh Bearing the Unbearable Art Book by Luke Chueh

    Luke Chueh The Art of Luke Chueh Bearing the Unbearable Art Book by Luke Chueh

    The Art of Luke Chueh: Bearing the Unbearable Signed Rare Limited Edition Art Book With Graffiti Street Artist Luke Chueh Modern Pop Artworks. Signed- This oversized hardcover book is in portrait format, 12 1/4 inches high and 9 inches wide, and is printed on heavy art paper stock. Titan Books, 2012. Hardcover. New. 160 pages. 12.50x9.50x1.00 inches. Title The Art of Luke Chueh: Bearing the Unbearable Author Chueh, Luke/ Gallery 1988 (Corporate Author) Format/binding Hardcover Book condition New New Quantity-available 1 Binding Hardcover ISBN 10 0857689274 ISBN 13 9780857689276 Publisher Titan Books Place of Publication London Date Published 2012 “Like a cuddly Trojan horse, Chueh's work is pretty on the outside, but nice and macabre on the inside”: so says Entertainment Weekly of LA-based artist Luke Chueh. Employing minimal color schemes, simple animal characters, and a seemingly endless list of ill-fated situations, Chueh has enjoyed cult acclaim and sell-out shows, making this, his first book, an eagerly awaited one.


  • Nothing Exists! Art Book by Cyrcle

    Cyrcle Nothing Exists! Art Book by Cyrcle

    Nothing Exists! Limited Edition art book with graffiti street artist modern pop artworks by Cyrcle. "This is a book of poetry...NOTHING EXISTS! is an exploration of the space between all that matters. Nothing exists is a philosophical quandary, a statement comprised of absolute polarities, in which its meaning is inherently dependent on one’s perception. This composition presents us with the opportunity to think critically. Whether abstract or rational this contradiction confronts us with a perplexing challenge, testing both our beliefs and knowledge. Somewhere between something and nothing exists a space of uncertainty. This moment is immeasurable, yet more substantial than that which is tangible. Nothing exists, it is waiting to be defined. Questioning this requires faith and fact. The more we understand that nothing is something, we realize nothing exists. See blind. Hear silence. Feel the truth." - Cyrcle


  • Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book Television Cover by Faile x Bast- Michael Polimeni Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book Television Cover by Faile x Bast- Michael Polimeni

    Faile Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book Television Cover by Faile x Bast- Michael Polimeni

    Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book Studio Run Television Cover by Faile x Bast- Michael Polimeni Rare Limited Edition Modern Pop Graffiti Urban Culture Artworks Reference. 2015 Signed by Faile 1986 Limited Edition of 300 Book Size 8x10 "The Faile & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book Studio Run Television Cover. The Fusion of Faile and Bast in "Deluxx Fluxx Arcade": A Chronicle of Street Pop Art Faile, a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration, and Bast, known as Michael Polimeni, has resulted in a remarkable project: "The Faile & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book Studio Run Television Cover." This rare limited edition piece, a convergence of modern pop graffiti and urban culture artwork, encapsulates a pivotal moment in street art history. The 2015 signed edition by Faile, limited to 300 copies, is a testament to the creativity and synergy between these two giants in the street art community. Capturing Urban Culture Through Mixed Media The "Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book" is not merely a collection of images but a historical record of the evolution of street pop art and graffiti artwork. Through its pages, one can trace the journey of Faile and Bast from the streets to the revered spaces of art studios and galleries. The book's television cover edition, with its size of 8x10 inches, is a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and patterns. It chronicles the studios' forays into the arcade world, where the interactive nature of games becomes a new medium for artistic expression. The cover, a vibrant melange of purples and blacks, speaks to street art's dynamic and often disruptive nature, as it takes familiar visuals and repurposes them in unexpected ways. Legacy of the "Deluxx Fluxx Arcade": A Cultural Milestone The significance of "The Faile & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book" within the street art narrative cannot be overstated. It captures a moment when the lines between high art and street culture blur, a period where artists like Faile and Bast redefined the parameters of pop art. This book serves as both a visual feast and an academic reference for those studying the impacts of street art on modern culture. Each page, each image, is a piece of a giant puzzle that, when assembled, reveals the full scope of Faile and Bast's impact on the art world. This collaborative project between Faile and Bast, encapsulated in the "Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Book," represents a significant chapter in the story of street pop art and graffiti. It is a vibrant, living document of the creativity and cross-pollination of ideas that define the genre. For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the limited edition book is a treasure, a slice of history, and a source of endless inspiration. It is a vibrant manifesto of the transformative power of collaboration in the art world.


  • Peace Brutha Curtain Rail Ex Libris Book Print by Pushead Peace Brutha Curtain Rail Ex Libris Book Print by Pushead

    Pushead Peace Brutha Curtain Rail Ex Libris Book Print by Pushead

    Peace Brutha Curtain Rail- Ex-Libris Rare Limited Edition Art Book & Print Set by Graffiti Street Artist Pushead Modern Urban Artworks. 2021 Signed Limited Editon Special Book Ex-libris Signed Transfer Oct 6-7 2021 Peace Brutha Curtain Rail. 2021 Signed Hyperstoic Skeletal Butcher 5.75x8.25 Print. 2016 Embossed The Skulwind Collection Peace Brutha Series Completed B&w Illustrations 5.5" X 8.5" 140lb Cold Press 400 Watercolor Paper Handcolored Xerox Elements Skul/ Two Fingers / Hand Star/skulwind Hair Themes Based On 2 Inner Fingers Repetitive Focus @Pushead 2016 Alligiance Peace Line Art


  • Art of Vinyl Toys by Monsa Publications Book Art of Vinyl Toys by Monsa Publications Book

    Other Artists Art of Vinyl Toys by Monsa Publications Book

    Art of Vinyl Toys by Monsa Publications Rare Limited Edition Art Book With Graffiti Street Artists and Modern Pop Artworks. Art of Vinyl Toys Published by Monsa Publications [2014] Hardbound | 160 Pages Size: 6" x 7.75" This Book is Pre-Owned and Acquired From a Private Collection


Books - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

Graffiti and street art have been a part of urban culture for decades. From political statements to aesthetic expressions, graffiti and street art have become a popular form of public art, capturing the attention of people from all walks of life. As a result, there are now numerous books dedicated to exploring and showcasing the art form, its history, and its significance. Graffiti and street art books can be broadly categorized into three types: photo books, academic books, and how-to books. Photo books typically feature large, full-color images of graffiti and street art from around the world, often with accompanying commentary from artists, historians, and critics. These books are ideal for those who simply enjoy looking at graffiti and street art and want to appreciate the art form from a visual perspective. Academic books, on the other hand, delve deeper into the history, social significance, and cultural implications of graffiti and street art. They often include essays and interviews with scholars, artists, and activists who discuss the evolution of the art form, its relationship to urban space, and its role in social and political movements. These books are ideal for students, academics, and anyone interested in understanding the broader context of graffiti and street art. Finally, how-to books provide practical advice and guidance for aspiring graffiti and street artists. They typically include step-by-step instructions, tips on technique and materials, and examples of different styles and approaches. These books are ideal for those who want to learn the skills and techniques necessary to create their own graffiti and street art. Some of the most notable graffiti and street art books include "Subway Art" by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, which is widely considered the definitive book on graffiti art, featuring photographs of New York City subway trains covered in graffiti from the 1970s and 1980s. "Street World: Urban Culture and Art from Five Continents" by Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon is another popular photo book that showcases street art from around the world. "The Philosophy of Street Art" by Alison Young is an example of an academic book that explores the social and cultural significance of street art. And "Street Art Handbook: Graffiti and Stencils" by Tristan Manco is a popular how-to book that provides practical guidance for aspiring street artists. In conclusion, graffiti and street art books provide a wealth of information and inspiration for anyone interested in this dynamic and evolving art form. Whether you are a casual admirer, a serious student, or an aspiring artist, there is a graffiti and street art book that can meet your needs and help you appreciate the richness and diversity of this fascinating art form. An artist’s book is massively considered a 20th-century form of art, however book production dates back to many centuries ago. Artists’ books should not be confused with artists’ notes regarding specific artworks. Nowadays, they employ an extended series of forms, from traditional codex form to scrolls, concertinas or even miscellaneous items in a box. In other words, it is the artist’s intent in terms of illustration, materials, layout and design that makes something an artist’s book. Naturally, street artists have, also, transitioned to this art form, juxtaposing typical graffiti elements with those that are related to the form of a book, benefiting from the interactivity, portability, and easily shared nature of the artwork.

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