Assumptions & Clarifications

I Exist.

I am a human. I exist. All this art is real.

As my depression has traveled its confusing paths, I have been drawn to things that repel me or attract me. That is art. This is the outcome.

I am Not a Reseller.

We all die. This is my attempt to rationalize death. Things of worth and cultural relevance deserve to have a value assigned to them. I offer the opportunity to exchange money for my existence in a moment and place in time often long ago.

Society Caught Up With Us.

Most of the artists where starving and I swooped in one day and bought their entire collections. Society caught up with us. Congratulations. I refuse to fade away. This is my monument.

This Is My Mask.

I am a hopelessly lost art hoarder. This website is a thin veil to deflect the reality to those in my life that I am in fact not a "savy" art investor but a passionately addicted fan.

Pricing Art is Bullshit.

Sometime artists become really famous and this art gains so much value I can't make it unattainable. I don't know what to tell you. I value art more than most other people. Time machines don't exist. When it mattered, I was the one there for you.

I Don't Ask For Permission.

I do not represent any artists. I don't ask for permission to sell art. The only way to stop value is to make something worthless. I'm not here to fight against a truth of human history.

This Shouldn't Be Stressful.

You fund my art addiction, I send you the art you desire. As strait forwarded as it will ever get. If you want to get complicated, read the TOS and shipping stuff in footer.

My Promise To You

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About Us -

Discover the Urban Canvas - Your Gateway to Contemporary Graffiti Art

Welcome to, where the rebellious spirit of the streets meets the refined world of art galleries. Our collection is a vibrant celebration of contemporary graffiti art, featuring works from some of the most groundbreaking street artists around the globe.

Our Mission: Empowering Street Art and Artists

At, our mission is simple yet profound: to elevate graffiti from the alleys to the art galleries. We believe that street art is not just a form of expression but a cultural movement that deserves recognition and preservation. Our platform is dedicated to showcasing the dynamic, colorful, and often provocative world of graffiti art, giving voice to artists who redefine our urban landscapes.

What We Offer: A Diverse Collection for Every Art Enthusiast

From the raw energy of spray-painted murals to the intricate stencils and bold tags, our collection spans a wide range of styles and mediums. Whether you are an avid art collector, a street art enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the beauty in the unconventional, has something for you. Our collection includes:

  • Original artworks and limited-edition prints
  • Collaborative pieces from renowned street artists
  • Rare and exclusive graffiti art collectibles

Join Us in the Graffiti Art Revolution

Embrace the bold, the vibrant, and the unexpected. Explore our collection today and become part of a movement that’s coloring the world one spray at a time. Welcome to – where every wall is a masterpiece waiting to happen.

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