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  • Tropical Tiburón Laser Cut Acrylic Giclee Print by Alex Yanes

    Alex Yanes Tropical Tiburón Laser Cut Acrylic Giclee Print by Alex Yanes

    Purchase Tropical Tiburón Limited Run Multiple on Laser Cut Acrylic Panel ready to hang by Alex Yanes Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2021 Limited Edition of 100 Artwork Size 12x21.3 Custom cut acrylic including 3 velcro strips for easy wall mounting Produced in partnership with Print House USA Alex Yanes, a renowned name in the realms of graffiti, street art, and modern pop art, presents "Tropical Tiburón," a captivating artwork that seamlessly fuses vibrancy with intricate craftsmanship. Released in 2021, this piece stands out not just for its aesthetic allure but also its innovative execution on laser-cut acrylic panels. Sized at 12x21.3 inches, "Tropical Tiburón" showcases the artist's exceptional ability to breathe life into static materials, transforming them into dynamic visual narratives. As a Limited Edition offering, only 100 of these artworks grace the art world, amplifying its exclusivity and allure for collectors and enthusiasts alike. This masterpiece doesn't just stop at visual appeal; it incorporates functional ease as well. The inclusion of three velcro strips ensures that the artwork can effortlessly adorn any wall, making the process of displaying this beauty as seamless as its design. This feature underscores the artist's consideration for the end-user, a thoughtful touch that melds functionality with art. The collaboration with Print House USA for this production further accentuates its credibility and ensures its place among high-caliber art pieces. Within the broader context of pop and street art, "Tropical Tiburón" stands as a testament to the evolution of the genre. It reflects a move beyond traditional canvases and mediums, embracing modern techniques and materials. Through this piece, Alex Yanes not only showcases his artistic prowess but also nudges the boundaries of what street and pop art can encompass, inviting viewers to reimagine and redefine the genre's potential.


Alex Yanes - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

Alex Yanes is a contemporary artist based in Miami, Florida, known for his colorful, dynamic and playful mixed-media sculptures, installations and paintings that often reflect his upbringing in the city. Born in Miami in 1977, Yanes grew up immersed in the local street art and graffiti culture, which heavily influenced his artistic style and approach.

Yanes' work is characterized by a combination of traditional techniques such as woodcarving and painting, as well as unconventional materials like metal, acrylic, resin, and found objects. His pieces often incorporate recognizable imagery and symbols, such as old-school boomboxes, skateboards, and comic book characters, which he reimagines in unexpected and whimsical ways.

Yanes' artworks have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the United States, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City, and the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami. His work has also been commissioned by various brands and organizations, including Nike, Red Bull, and the Miami Dolphins, among others.

One of Yanes' most notable works is his large-scale installation "Time Tunnel," which was exhibited at the Scope Miami Beach art fair in 2017. The piece consists of a colorful, multi-layered tunnel made of wood, metal, and other materials, which visitors can walk through and experience from different angles.

Yanes' art is often described as a celebration of Miami's vibrant and diverse culture, and his works are popular among collectors and art enthusiasts for their unique combination of craftsmanship, humor, and pop culture references. His work can be seen as a reflection of the changing times and the impact of street art and graffiti on contemporary art, as well as the growing influence of urban and pop culture in mainstream art.

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