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  • Ghosts of the Moonlight- Tea Ceremony - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Ghosts of the Moonlight- Tea Ceremony Silkscreen

    Purchase Ghosts of the Moonlight- Tea Ceremony Limited Edition 5-Color Hand-Pulled Silkscreen Print on Parchment Paper by Rhys Cooper graffiti street artist modern pop art. Printed Oceans is PangeaSeed Foundation's fine art print program that raises awareness and educates about pressing marine environmental issues through the lens of some of today's most respected creative minds.  Since 2012, we have released over 100 original fine art print editions that highlight endangered marine species and ocean habitats. These stunning editions help to bring important conservation stories into homes and workspaces the world over creating critical dialogue and inspiring positive action.  Through the purchase of these carefully hand-crafted, limited edition artworks, you are not only powering the groundbreaking work of PangeaSeed Foundation in communities across the globe but also contributing to the livelihoods of our supporting ARTivists. Together, via art and activism, we can help save our oceans.



Animals have always been a popular subject in street graffiti art. They are a common motif used by artists to convey messages about society, culture, and the environment. From large murals to small tags, animals can be found in a variety of forms and styles throughout urban landscapes.

One of the most common animals depicted in street graffiti art is the urban rat. Rats are often seen as a symbol of the gritty and sometimes dangerous nature of urban life. They can be found scurrying through alleyways and subway tunnels, and are a constant presence in the city. Graffiti artists use rats as a way to comment on the urban environment, often painting them in exaggerated sizes to draw attention to their presence.

Another animal that is frequently featured in street graffiti art is the bird. Birds are a versatile subject, and can be painted in a range of styles and sizes. They are often used to represent freedom, flight, and escape, and can be found in a range of environments from abandoned buildings to busy city streets. Artists also use birds to convey messages about environmental issues, such as pollution and habitat destruction.

Cats are another popular animal in street graffiti art. They are often depicted as mysterious and elusive creatures, hiding in the shadows and observing the world around them. Graffiti artists use cats to represent the hidden aspects of urban life, such as the underground economy and the subculture of street art.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of endangered species in street graffiti art. Artists use these animals as a way to raise awareness about conservation and environmental issues. These pieces often feature detailed and realistic depictions of animals such as tigers, elephants, and rhinos, painted in vibrant colors to draw attention to their plight.

In conclusion, animals have long been a popular subject in street graffiti art, used by artists to comment on a range of social and environmental issues. From rats and birds to cats and endangered species, animals can be found in a variety of forms and styles throughout urban landscapes, adding a touch of wildness to the concrete jungle.


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