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  • Time To Totality I AP Silkscreen Archival Print by Prefab77

    Prefab77 Time To Totality I AP Silkscreen Archival Print by Prefab77

    Time To Totality I AP Silkscreen Archival Print by Prefab77 Artist Proof Hand-Pulled 3-Color Screen Print on 350gsm Somerset Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Artwork & Graffiti. AP Artist Proof 2018 Signed & AP Marked Limited Edition Run Artwork Size 22.05x29.92 Silkscreen & Archival Pigment Print Mixed Media on Somerset Paper Hand Finished. Decoding the Visual Language of "Time To Totality I AP" by Prefab77 "Time To Totality I AP" by Prefab77 is an expressive embodiment of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork that captures the viewer's attention through its visual complexity and cultural references. As an Artist Proof of a limited edition run, this piece is a crucial part of the printmaking process, standing as a testament to the artist's initial vision and the integrity of the work. Measuring 22.05x29.92 inches, the artwork is a hand-pulled 3-color screen print that utilizes the resilience and texture of 350gsm Somerset fine art paper, known for its superior quality and ability to enhance the depth of the pigments. This particular print, marked by the artist as an AP, signifies its role as a benchmark against which all subsequent prints are measured. The Artist Proof designation also suggests a closer connection to the creators, as the artists themselves typically retain these proofs. In the case of "Time To Totality I AP," the hand-finishing indicates a level of individual attention and intention that goes beyond the standard edition, making it a unique collector's item. The artwork is an amalgamation of silkscreen and archival pigment print techniques, blending the precision of screen printing with the richness of pigment inks. This mixture allows for a range of textures and finishes, from the bold flatness of solid colors to the subtle variations of hand-applied details. The print's mixed media elements add a tactile dimension that invites the viewer to consider the surface a vital component of the artwork's narrative. Reflecting on the Significance and Impact of "Time To Totality I AP" In "Time To Totality I AP," Prefab77 delivers a powerful visual statement that goes beyond aesthetic appeal. The content of the work delves into the themes of temporality and transformation, as suggested by the title. "Time to Totality" may evoke the idea of a countdown to a significant event, perhaps an eclipse or a moment of complete change, paralleling the way street art often captures the spirit of a specific time and place. Like much of Prefab77's work, this piece is marked by a fusion of graphic elements that draw from various sources such as music, politics, and popular culture. The artwork's intricate layers and the juxtaposition of images create a dynamic interplay, engaging viewers in the discovery process as they decipher symbols and messages embedded within the composition. The choice of Somerset paper is particularly significant in the context of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork. This high-end material typically associated with traditional printmaking is brought into street art, challenging perceptions of value and class within the art world. Hand-finishing on such a medium underscores the collective's commitment to craftsmanship and the elevation of street art techniques to an OK art status. The cultural impact of "Time To Totality I AP" is multifaceted. It serves as a bridge connecting different artistic communities and raises questions about the ephemeral nature of street art versus the longevity of fine art prints. As street art continues to gain recognition in the fine art world, works like this play a critical role in shifting the narrative and opening up conversations about the legitimacy and importance of graffiti and street-inspired artworks within the broader art market. Cultural Commentary and Artistic Expression in "Time To Totality I AP" Prefab77's "Time To Totality I AP" is not merely a static image but a cultural commentary, a snapshot of the zeitgeist encapsulated in a blend of iconography and color. The screen print medium, often associated with mass production and widespread dissemination, is used here to create something profoundly personal and finite. The limited edition nature of the work echoes the fleeting moments that graffiti art often captures on city walls, while the archival quality of the print ensures its enduring presence. The artwork captures the ethos of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork, where the rebellious spirit and public accessibility of street art merge with the calculated, thoughtful processes of pop art. "Time To Totality I AP" represents a dialogue between these worlds, showcasing the beauty and complexity that arises from their convergence. In this piece, Prefab77 continues to push the boundaries of street art, expanding the canvas from urban environments.


  • Until The End of Time Yellow Uncut Varnished AP Silkscreen Print by Cept

    Cept Until The End of Time Yellow Uncut Varnished AP Silkscreen Print by Cept

    Until The End of Time- Yellow Uncut & Varnished AP 6-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper by Cept Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist. 2013 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 4 Artwork Size 22x29.92 AP Only 4 ever made Artist Proof – Uncut & Varnished 56 x 76 cm 6 color screen print. printed on 300 gsm somerset paper. 2013 Until The End of Time Yellow Uncut Varnished AP Silkscreen Print by Cept


AP Artist Proof Fine Art Graffiti Street Pop Artwork & Prints

AP Artist Proofs: Elevating the Essence of Street Pop and Graffiti Art

AP (Artist Proof) artworks and prints play an integral role in the tapestry of street pop art and graffiti artwork, embodying a blend of historical reverence and contemporary relevance. Originally, artist proofs were exclusive prints from traditional printmaking, used by artists as a personal reference to monitor the progress and quality of their work. In street pop and graffiti art, however, these proofs have evolved into symbols of authenticity, exclusivity, and artistic exploration. The transformation of the artist's proof's significance from a mere check during the printmaking process to a coveted collector's item is remarkable. In street pop and graffiti art, where authenticity and originality are highly valued, AP artworks and prints command a special status. Marked distinctively with 'AP' to denote their exclusivity, these limited-run prints are identical in quality to the main edition. Still, they are unique due to their limited number and direct link to the artist. This exclusivity makes them desirable to collectors and allows the artists to retain a more personal connection with some of their creations.

Understanding AP Artist Proof Fine Art Artworks & Prints in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork

In the dynamic and evolving world of street pop art and graffiti artwork, AP (artist-proof) artworks and prints hold a special place. Originally a term used in traditional printmaking, an Artist Proof was a print taken during the printmaking process to see the state of a plate (or screen, stone, block, etc.) while it was being worked on. These proofs were not meant for public sale; they were personal pieces for the artist's collection. However, in contemporary times, especially in street pop art and graffiti artwork, the concept of Artist Proofs has taken on a new significance. AP artworks and prints in the context of street pop and graffiti art are often seen as a mark of authenticity and exclusivity. These pieces are typically part of a limited run of prints, separate from the main edition. They are identical in quality and appearance to the main edition prints but are often numbered differently, usually marked with 'AP' or 'Artist Proof.' The tradition of creating Artist Proofs continues as a homage to the historical practices of printmaking, and it also serves as a way for artists to retain a portion of their work for personal archives or special distributions.

Significance of AP Fine Artworks in the Street Pop and Graffiti Art Community

The allure of AP artworks in street pop and graffiti art comes from their limited availability and direct connection to the artist. Collectors and enthusiasts often view Fine Art prints as more valuable due to their rarity and the perceived closer relationship to the artist's original intent. In a world where reproductions and mass-produced art are commonplace, AP prints stand out for their uniqueness and the personal touch they represent. This scarcity often leads to a higher demand and potentially higher market value, making them a coveted item among collectors. Moreover, the production of AP prints allows artists in the street pop and graffiti art scene to experiment and innovate. Artists might use the AP prints to test different color schemes, materials, or finishing techniques, making each AP a replication and a unique piece. This experimentation is integral to the ever-evolving nature of street and graffiti art, where artists constantly push the boundaries of conventional art.

Rarity and Value in the Art Market

The rarity of AP prints in the street pop and graffiti art scene enhances their allure and, often, their market value. In an era where art is frequently mass-produced and widely distributed, the limited availability of AP prints heightens their desirability. Collectors and art enthusiasts prize these prints for their perceived closeness to the artist's original vision and the sense of owning a unique piece of art history. This rarity is not just a matter of quantity; it's a testament that each AP print has a unique path from the artist's hands to the collector's. For street pop and graffiti artists, AP prints serve as an avenue for experimentation. These proofs allow artists to try different color schemes, materials, or finishes, deviating from the standard edition. This experimentation is crucial in street and graffiti art, where innovation and defying norms are at the heart of the craft. Each AP print, therefore, is not just a replication of the original artwork but also a standalone piece with its distinct character.

AP Artworks as a Cultural and Artistic Statement

In the broader cultural context, AP prints in street pop and graffiti artwork represent more than just a physical piece of art. They symbolize the rebellion against traditional art norms, where street and graffiti artists have long fought for recognition in the mainstream art world. Owning an AP print from a renowned street or graffiti artist is not just about possessing a rare item; it's about supporting and acknowledging the significance of these art forms in the contemporary art narrative. This cultural significance is further amplified by the stories and messages often embedded in street pop and graffiti art. These artworks frequently comment on social, political, and cultural issues, offering a raw and unfiltered perspective often missing from conventional art forms. AP prints of such artworks carry with them the weight of these messages, serving as a reminder of the power of art as a tool for social commentary and change. AP Artist Proof artworks and prints are vital in street pop art and graffiti artwork. They are a testament to these art forms' unique history, creative innovation, and cultural significance, bridging the gap between traditional art practices and contemporary art expressions. Their rarity and connection to the artist's personal touch make them valuable collectibles and a symbol of the evolving narrative of street and graffiti art in the global art scene. AP Artist Proof artworks and prints hold an esteemed position in street pop art and graffiti artwork. They encapsulate these art forms' history, creativity, and cultural significance. The blend of traditional art practice with contemporary expression found in these prints makes them valuable collectibles and cements their role in the evolving narrative of street and graffiti art. As symbols of rarity, authenticity, and artistic innovation, AP prints continue to bridge the gap between the artist's vision and the art enthusiast's appreciation, enriching the global art scene.

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